The Tata Concept Curvv EV is a look at Tata's future
The Tata Concept Curvv EV is a look at Tata's futureTata Motors

Tata Concept Curvv EV SUV revealed

Tata has revealed the Concept Curvv, the first design based on its second-gen EV platform

The leader of the EV market in India has shown its hand for the next battle, with the Tata Concept Curvv. Tata has revealed the first car to be based on its generation 2 EV platform and with it a new design language that shows us a glimpse of what Tatas will look like in the future. Let’s take a look at this new EV concept.

Tata Concept Curvv exterior

The new design language is aggressive and minimalist
The new design language is aggressive and minimalistTata Motors

The concept has what Tata is calling its new ‘digital’ design language. This design language includes sharp, angular lines and edges but is an obvious evolution of the Harrier and Safari’s design languages. Perched high up on the bonnet, it has a full width LED bar and below that, it has triangular LED elements where the headlamps would ideally be. There is a generous amount of black cladding – a typical SUV design trait, and that is complemented by large, aerodynamic wheels. The car has cameras in place of rearview mirrors as well. But the most notable feature of the Concept Curvv is the fastback-style coupe roof, similar to the BMW X4 and Audi e-Tron Sportback. The rear has to be the most striking angle of the Tata Curvv concept, with another full-width lightbar for the brake lights and a lighting element around the rear glass as well. Tata has also added triangular elements on the sides of the bumpers at the rear, making it almost symmetrical to the front. Mahindra had revealed a similar idea with the XUV AERO concept, but this would be the first time a coupe SUV will launch in a non-luxury segment.

The rear is the most distinctive feature of the Concept Curvv
The rear is the most distinctive feature of the Concept CurvvTata Motors

Tata Concept Curvv interior

The interior is minimalist and button-less
The interior is minimalist and button-lessTata Motors

The concept Curvv has a new design language for the interior too. To this end, it does away with obscenely large screens in favour of two screens – one for the infotainment system and one for the instrument cluster. Fans of knobs and switches may be disappointed as Tata has put all of the HVAC controls within a single haptic touch unit. The concept gets a new steering wheel which has only two physical switches while the rest of the controls are touch operated. The steering wheel also gets an illuminated Tata logo. There is of course a panoramic sunroof present, as well as a horizontal light on the dashboard. Tata claims that even with the coupe roof style, they have managed to obtain class-leading space in the interior, with a large boot as well.

Tata Concept CURVV platform and powertrain

The new EV platform can accomodate multiple motors
The new EV platform can accomodate multiple motorsTata Motors

The concept Curvv is the first Tata to be built as an EV first. Although details are scarce at the moment, we know that the Gen 2 platform is flexible enough to accommodate multiple motors for more performance. Tata claims the new platform far exceeds the range capabilities of the previous Gen 1 Ziptron platform, but has not given exact numbers. It is likely that the new platform is a modified version of the OmegArc platform that underpins the Harrier and Safari, tweaked to accept an electric drivetrain. Being a second-gen EV, we can expect it to be more advanced than Tata’s current range in terms of range, battery capacity and charging times. Tata has also confirmed that the production version of the Concept Curvv will get ICE powered options, following the launch of the EV.

Tata Concept Curvv pricing

Tata will put the Concept Curvv on sale within two years
Tata will put the Concept Curvv on sale within two yearsTata Motors

Tata gave no indications of pricing for the Concept Curvv, but did say that the production-ready model will be in showrooms within two years. That is an ambitious target and shows how far along the developmental ladder Tata is at this stage. Coupled with the ICE options, this could be one of the biggest launches Tata has ever seen. The new EV SUV will most likely sit above the Nexon in Tata’s current lineup, and compete with the Hyundai Creta and Kia Seltos, although as far as design is concerned it occupies a niche of its own. The Concept Curvv is a huge bet for Tata, and with the rising interest in EVs from customers, Tata needs the car to succeed. Stay tuned to evo India for more updates from the world of electric vehicles!

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