Tata Motors posted strong sales even in their electric vehicle division
Tata Motors posted strong sales even in their electric vehicle divisionTeam evo India

Tata Motors shatters sales records, sells 3.7 lakh units in FY2022

Tata Motors had one of their best sales periods ever, even selling 19,100 EVs despite supply chain issues

Tata Motors is celebrating one of its best sales periods ever, as it announced its sales figures for the financial year 2022. Quite literally breaking records, the Indian brand has surpassed its previous benchmarks in annual, quarterly and monthly sales. This feat is especially impressive considering the supply chain issues that have plagued the automotive industry ever since the pandemic started, especially with problems related to semi-conductors and silicon chips. Here are some of the most impressive numbers from the announcement.

Passenger cars

Tata Motors posted the highest ever annual sales figure of 3,70,372 vehicle units in the financial year 2022, which is an increase of 67 per cent over the previous year. This impressive rise can most likely be attributed to the reducing impact of the pandemic and the growing confidence of customers that are pushing demand. In the final quarter of the last financial year, Tata Motors posted a quarterly figure of 1,23,051 units, again an increase of 47 per cent over March 2021. Monthly sales were also up by a tremendous margin, as Tata sold 42,293 cars in March 2022, a rise of 43 per cent over March 2021.

Electric Cars

The rise and rise of electric cars has been some time coming, and in India, Tata Motors is valiantly leading the charge. This is quite visible from the sales figures that the company posted for its electric vehicles, which saw a massive increase in sales from the previous year. The company posted an annual sales figure of 19,106 units in the financial year 2022, an increase of 353 per cent over the previous year! Quarterly and monthly sales were similarly up by a margin of 432 and 377 per cent respectively. From this, we have concrete empirical data of the increasing acceptance that Indian customers are showing to electric cars, and that the electric revolution is not too far away for us.

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