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Volkswagen India introduces Das WeltAuto 3.0 with focus on used cars

Volkswagen's DWA facilities will offer buying and selling of multi-brand pre-owned cars and won’t be restricted to customers looking to exchange their existing cars for a new Volkswagen

With the ongoing Covid-19 situation, Volkswagen anticipates an upward shift by customers towards accessible individual mobility options, as opposed to public transport. Hence, the brand has created a comprehensive approach with a one-stop solution for all customer queries and concerns, in the form of its pre-owned car business Das WeltAuto (DWA) in India, providing a professional purchase experience and consultation to its customers interested in both purchasing as well as selling their pre-owned car. The brand plans to do this via its 105-strong country-wide network of DWA outlets.

Additionally, the brand aims to empower customers to utilise the expertise of Volkswagen’s extensive DWA network in making informed decisions. Prospective customers can now book their preferred pre-owned car or sell their existing vehicle on the DWA website. It also conducts the necessary due diligence and certifies the vehicle along with offering warranty, service value packages and accessories options, all under one roof.

Another value addition for customers looking to sell their vehicle is the introduction of the Das WeltAuto Valuator, a mobile application enabling customers to self-evaluate their current vehicle. The whole process is swift and transparent as the valuations are provided basis the algorithms given by the ‘Indian Blue Book’. The mobile application is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

As mentioned, the DWA facilities offer buying and selling of multi-brand pre-owned cars and won’t be restricted to customers looking to exchange their existing cars for a new Volkswagen. Each car will be thoroughly checked and certified along with offering accessories, service and warranty packages (up to 12 months) to prospective customers.

Each pre-owned vehicle will also undergo a due diligence process, which identifies and replaces defective parts and is completely refurbished for sale. Post refurbishment, the car is inspected by a third-party inspector who then certifies the pre-owned car.

Speaking on the enhancement of the used car business, Steffen Knapp, Director, Volkswagen Passenger Cars India said, “The current COVID-19 situation has created a demand for accessible and safe individual mobility options. We see customers inclined towards the used car segment, which enables them with an affordable vehicle of their choice.”

Speaking about the benefits of DWA as opposed to traditional used car spaces, he added, “Through the Das WeltAuto facilities and the business peripherals attached to it, Volkswagen aims to shift the used car business segment from an unorganised to organised segment. We intend to offer a digitally enabled, professionally managed, value for money proposition to customers looking for individual mobility options. We are confident DWA will gain the momentum and be relevant in the post Covid era.”

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