2023 Fisker Ocean: Will it come to India?
Fisker has grand plans for the Ocean EV SUVFisker Inc.

2023 Fisker Ocean: Will it come to India?

We take a look at the 2023 Fisker Ocean, which might come to India soon

Henrik Fisker is possibly the greatest enigma in the modern automotive world. A man who designed some of the most iconic BMWs in recent history, including the gorgeous Z8, then left the company to pursue his own vision of what mobility should look like. His first experiment brought us the Fisker Karma, one of the first hybrid luxury sedans in the world, predicting an entire segment that was about to erupt. Although many issues have since plagued Fisker’s reputation in the industry, the man’s tenacious vision still excited many when Fisker Inc. was announced to the world in 2016, with a goal to make the most sustainable and eco-friendly cars in the world. This meant – yes – with an electric SUV concept, Fisker was again ahead of the curve by almost half a decade.

Now, his vision is finally becoming clear. Fisker has signed agreements to solidify its position, and more importantly, become a genuine contender. Magna Steyr will build its cars in Austria, and Indians will develop its software in Hyderabad. Fisker has even said that it wants to sell its cars in India as well. The plans are laid out, all we need…is to see the car. The Fisker Ocean is supposed to start deliveries next year, competing with the Tesla Model X, the upcoming Lucid Gravity and a host of electric SUVs from the legacy luxury carmakers. First, let’s look at the claimed specifications.

Fisker Ocean powertrain

The top variant of the Ocean, Extreme, gets a massive amount of range
The top variant of the Ocean, Extreme, gets a massive amount of rangeFisker Inc.

The first edition of the Fisker Ocean has a claimed WLTP range of 630kms, powered in part by a solar roof that can recharge upto 2400kms of range in a year. Very impressive. It has a 550bhp powertrain that takes it from 0-100kmph in 3.6 seconds. It even gets 22-inch wheels with aeroblades in the absolute top spec. However, the Fisker Ocean has always been a promise, and until the car is in the hands of the first customer, nothing can be taken for certain. In the lower-spec sport model, that range and speed reduces by a lot, but so does the price.

Fisker Ocean exterior

The Fisker Ocean is a very utilitarian SUV in its design
The Fisker Ocean is a very utilitarian SUV in its designFisker Inc.

Henrik Fisker’s design is never lacking, but the Fisker Ocean is perhaps the most utilitarian take on an EV SUV that we have seen apart from the Rivian R1S. The purpose of the car is made clear from the beginning, with its large windows, boxy edges on all four corners and slim headlights enveloping the small-ish grille (smaller than recent cars!) The B-Pillar onwards is almost an estate design, which is a good thing. This means Fisker has lived up to its promise of using the electrification of the car to its best extent, maximising the interior space. The aluminium used is recycled, as is the plastic, in keeping with the founder’s beliefs.

Fisker Ocean interior

The interior has an enormous rotating display
The interior has an enormous rotating displayFisker Inc.

Inside, Henrik Fisker has maintained his ideals of drawing from the most minimalist and yet decorative aesthetics he can find inspiration in. Therefore, the giant 17.1-inch infotainment ROTATING screen, which can be information when you need it, and entertainment when you want it. The entire car can convert to a beach machine by rolling down all of its windows, even the rear deck, for what Fisker calls “California mode”. Perhaps most importantly to the designer, the entire interior is made out of recycled and sustainable material, with even the fabrics aiming for zero carbon emissions.

Fisker Ocean Pricing

All the windows of the car open in 'California Mode'
All the windows of the car open in 'California Mode'Fisker Inc.

The starting price for a Fisker Ocean is ₹29.7 lakh for the Sport variant, directly converted from the US price. The top of the range Extreme model is a sizable jump for a much better spec sheet, costing ₹52.6 lakh. There is also the option of a subscription model, with a ₹29,000 monthly cost and an initial cost of ₹2.3 lakh. If and when the Ocean comes to India, these prices will change, but if they come even close, it could be a real threat to everything from prospective Tata Nexon EV buyers who might stretch their budgets to prospective Audi e-Tron buyers who might be looking to save some cash. But will it happen? That’s the question on all our minds now.

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