A car that responds to moods – Jaguar Land Rover’s new AI tech

A car that responds to moods – Jaguar Land Rover’s new AI tech

Jaguar Land Rover’s new artificial intelligence tech understands the driver’s state of mind and alters cabin settings to help tackle stress

The future of driving is set to be a lot more stress-free. The well-being of occupants is on priority for carmakers around the globe and Jaguar Land Rover too is advancing in this domain as it is researching new artificial intelligence technology to understand the driver’s state of mind.

The technology uses a driver-facing camera and biometric sensing to monitor and evaluate the driver’s mood and alters a host of cabin features, including the air conditioning system, music and ambient lighting. The settings will be altered in response to the driver’s facial expressions to help tackle stress.

This AI tech continually adapts to changes in the driver’s facial expressions and implements appropriate settings automatically. The changes include altering the ambient lighting to calming colours to selecting a favorite playlist if weariness is identified. The system is also capable of lowering the cabin temperature if there are signs of fatigue. There’s also a ‘Driver Condition Monitor’ where if the system detects drowsiness, it advises the driver to take a break.

If this mood detection system is put into production Jaguar Land Rover vehicles, it will certainly be a game changer for them. But don’t expect it to happen anytime soon as a lot of development, research and real world testing of such systems remains to be done. However, it’s interesting to know that not only your friends and family can gauge your mood swings, but also your car.

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