Audi introduces myAudi Connect app and Virtual Reality experience for customers

Audi introduces myAudi Connect app and Virtual Reality experience for customers

Audi plans to enhance the buying experience for its customers with the help of AR and VR visualisations; there’s also a new myAudi Connect app that will allow owners to control their car

Audi India has introduced two top-notch connectivity programs for their prospective customers. This includes improving the buying experience with the help of augmented reality and virtual reality and an all-new myAudi Connect app that will allow owners be connected to their cars unlike ever before. This comes under Audi’s new digitalisation strategy focused on improving customer experience with the help of new-age digital tech. The German marque has also inaugurated a state-of-the-art dealership in Gurugram with a 21-car display.

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myAudi Connect app

Customers can opt for the myAudi Connect app at a cost of Rs 19,999 along with a three-year warranty. The app can be retrofitted to models produced 2011 onwards and features a Vodafone eSim. Here are some of the key features the app provides:

  • Geo-fencing (sets a perimeter for the car)
  • Vehicle health information
  • Real time information on points of interests (tourism spots, hotels, food, weather etc.)
  • Disturbance alert
  • SOS and Road Side Assistance
  • Virtual Storage of documents (allows to store all vehicle related documents safely)
  • Service reminders and service history
  • Service can be scheduled via the app

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

The augmented reality and virtual reality elements give the customers a realistic and detailed feel of the vehicle they wish to purchase. This AR experience can be had at home and the VR experience at the Audi dealership. If you wish to experience this at your home, an Audi executive can come over with a tablet helping you explore and configure your Audi to the smallest details. On the VR experience, you can not only view the car from outside but also sit in it and operate various controls on the dash. Light and sound effects in the VR headset add to the immersive experience giving it a real and natural touch.

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The new app and the AR and VR facilities will now take individualisation and personalisation to new levels, playing a big role in engaging prospective customers into exploring different Audi cars. Also, the German carmaker has announced that bookings for the new A8 are now open, with the launch scheduled for the end of this year.

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