The Mustang Mach-E is the first-ever all-electric car from Ford
The Mustang Mach-E is the first-ever all-electric car from FordFord

Ford Mustang Mach-E confirmed for India

Ford India keeps the promise of its niche cars and bringing the all-electric Mustang Mach-E

Ford has confirmed the Mustang Mach-E for India! After leaving many of us emotional by announcing its restructuring plans, Ford India is reinforcing the statement of selling niche imports in the country. Ford has confirmed that the Mustang Mach E will be one of the cars to arrive at the Indian shores as CBU, along with a promise of the re-launch of Mustang GT.

Ford has announced its restructuring plans but will remain in India with its niche cars
Ford has announced its restructuring plans but will remain in India with its niche carsFord

Launched globally in 2019, the Mach-E is the first all-electric SUV from the manufacturer. The standard Mach E is powered by a 75.7kWh battery along with an electric motor delivering 262bhp and 414Nm of torque either exclusively to the rear wheels or all wheels (eAWD, which uses a secondary motor to spin front wheels), and has a range of 370km on the American EPA cycle. The full-fat Mach-E GT on the other hand gets an extended range 88kWh battery which gives it a range of 491km and is mated to a motor producing 480bhp and 860Nm and is available only with AWD. Any EV boasts its impressive acceleration figure, so do these two. The standard Mach E can do a 0 to 100kmph in just 5.2 seconds with eAWD while the GT on the other hand can do the same in only 3.8 seconds! It is indeed a Mustang.

And it looks like a Mustang too! The styling of the Mach E looks futuristic but also nods to the styling lines of the predecessors. When looked at from the front, one can easily recognise the traditional shape of a Mustang grille, which is now just a curtain for better aerodynamics. Moving on the side, you’ll notice that this electric avatar is not like the Mustang Fastback but rather is a crossover with 18-inch wheels as standard, which are 20-inch on the GT trim. The rear of the Mach-E is upright and has three LED strips that hark back to the ICE powered Mustangs.

On the inside as well the Mach-E shares a few more similarities with its ICE siblings. The Mach-E gets the dashboard resembling from the Mustangs of yore and has plenty of Mustang badges. Apart from that, it gets a 10.2-inch instrument panel for all the necessary information and a 15.5-inch touchscreen with smartphone integration by FordPass Connect. For creature comfort, the steering wheel is heated as well as the front seats Mach-E, albeit optional for the Select variant. The upholstery is available in four choices across these two trims and the Mach E also has a wireless smartphone charging. Let us have a look into Mach-E’s charging solutions.

The juices of this electric crossover can be topped up with the help of standard AC charging up to 10.5kW and DC charging up to 150kW capability. Just 10 minutes of charging with the DC fast charger can add 75km more to the range of the Mach E.

DC fast charging adds 75km of range in just 10 minutes
DC fast charging adds 75km of range in just 10 minutesFord

Ford hasn’t announced any timelines for its new launches in India, and we don’t have any official word on when it will launch in India. We estimate that the Mustang Mach E will cost Rs 1.1 crore, if Ford launches the most basic variant in India.

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