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Ford sets world record for largest Mustang parade      
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Ford sets world record for largest Mustang parade     

Mustang owners from all over Europe helped Ford set a new world record for the most Ford Mustang sport cars in a single parade, at Ford’s Lommel Proving Ground in Belgium     

By Sudipto Chaudhury

Published on :

Ford has set a world record for the largest number of Mustang cars gathered together for a parade. As many as 1,326 Mustangs from all over Europe, with examples from every generation of the iconic sports car since its 1964 launch were present for the record attempt. Since more Mustangs are sold in Belgium than in any other part of the world, it was apt that the record attempt be hosted there. Additionally, Ford’s Lommel Proving ground, which covers an area of 3.22 square km, was the ideal location for the world record attempt.

With the new record, Ford surpassed its own previous record of 960 vehicles, set in Toluca, Mexico on December 3, 2017, To set the new record, the Mustangs were driven in an uninterrupted convoy with no more than 20 metres between each car. Vehicles and drivers also participated in a special choreography to celebrate the Ford Mustang’s 55th anniversary this year. The parade also included a fly-over by a P51 Mustang, the World War 2 fighter plane that gave its name to Ford’s iconic sports car.