Kinetic to develop new gearbox, axle for electric vehicles      
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Kinetic to develop new gearbox, axle for electric vehicles     

Kinetic Engineering Limited says that work is underway fordevelopment of gearbox and rear axle assembly for EVs     

Sudipto Chaudhury

With the push from the government for EV adoption, Kinetic Engineering Limited is set to develop two-speed gearboxes as well as axle assemblies (axle, motor, controller/modulator) for EVs. This entire assembly, in the form of a kit, will be made ready to fit onto the vehicles.

The kits, which are currently being imported from China, will range in power from 1kW to 10kW and will be used in vehicles ranging from electric scooters to passenger and load carrying vehicles and even buses. Production of the kits will most likely take place from the company's manufacturing unit in Ahmednagar, near Pune, Maharashtra.

The kits will be manufactured in a phase-wise manner, with production initially focussed upon the two and three-wheelers segment, and from then on to the higher-capacity powertrains. Seeing the amount of customisation that is projected, there is a possibility in the future for these kits to be retrofitted to power vehicles using internal combustion engines that are beyond their useful life (loss of power or failing emissions limits).

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