Nissan hikes prices of Datsun Go, Go+      

Nissan hikes prices of Datsun Go, Go+     

Nissan has hiked the prices of the Go and Go+ by around five per cent, effective October 1, 2019     

Nissan India has increased the prices of the Datsun GO and GO+ by up to 5 per cent with immediate effect. This comes as the second hike in prices this year, after the approximate four per cent hike which occurred in April 2019. The brand has cited rising input costs and several related economic factors as the reason for the hike in prices.

Prior to the hike, the Datsun Go was priced between Rs 3.32 lakh and Rs 4.89 lakh; the hike brings the prices up to Rs 3.48 lakh for the base D variant, and up to Rs 5.18 lakh for the top T (O) variant. Similarly, the prices of the Go+ have gone up from Rs 3.83 lakh to about Rs 4.1 lakh (for the base D variant), and from Rs 5.94 lakh to Rs 6.24 lakh for the top T (O) variant.

Datsun Go+ three quarters

So what does the price hike mean for Datsun?

With this price hike, the Datsun Go, which so far occupied the entry-level hatchback segment, becomes a tad dearer. Additionally, it is now handily undermined by the facelifted Renault Kwid (Priced between Rs 2.83 lakh and Rs 4.84 lakh) and the newly-launched Maruti Suzuki S-Presso (priced between Rs 3.69 lakh and Rs 4.91 lakh).

Meanwhile, the Go+, too, which was never a volume seller, has been usurped of its USP of a compact seven-seater by the Renault Triber. Now, though the Triber is priced higher (between Rs 4.95 and Rs 6.94 lakh), price hike notwithstanding the option for the adjustable seats in the Triber, along with a retuned, tried and tested engine from the Kwid, makes it a more value-for-money prospect than the Go+.

Nissan hikes prices of Datsun Go, Go+      
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