Pagani unveils the Rs 23 crore Huayra BC Roadster

Pagani unveils the Rs 23 crore Huayra BC Roadster

Much more than a Huayra BC with the roof chopped off, the Roadster gets engine and mechanical updates too

Pagani has just released pictures of the Huayra BC Roadster. Now before you stop reading because you assume this is just a Huayra BC with its roof chopped off, let me tell you that the BC Roadster gets plenty of new bits. The engine now makes more power, the aero is more advanced, the exhaust is new and the suspension has been given an overhaul too.

Yes, it gets the same 6-litre twin-turbocharged V12 engine sourced from AMG, and it now puts out ‘over 791bhp’ and peak torque is rated at 1050Nm. This gives it 49bhp and 52Nm more than the Huayra BC. The engine is hooked up to a single-clutch gearbox, automated-manual transmission from X-Trac. It might seem antiquated, but the gearbox is significantly lighter than the heavy double clutch gearboxes and goes a long way in keeping the Huayra’s weight at a low 1250kg.

The build quality still looks phenomenal – the entire body is made of carbonfibre and the tub is made of Pagani’s unique cabonfibre-titanium composite. The roof is expected to be a removable carbon panel with a sliding glass panel for the rear screen. There are aero updates to deal with the lack of a roof – new flaps divert exhaust gases underneath the car and out from the rear. The new exhaust system also diverts some of the exhaust gasses to under the diffuser to make it a blown diffuser of sorts – this allows it to make 500kg of downforce at 280kmph. All of this combined with a new constantly variable damper set up allows for some incredible numbers – a lateral acceleration of 1.9g and longitudinal deceleration of 2.2gs.

Pagani is making just 40 units of the Huayra BC Roadster. It is going to be priced at 2.8 million GBP (which is around 23.5 crores, before taxes) so you know it is super exclusive. The Huayra BC’s first public unveiling will be at Pebble Beach in California this month.

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