CES 2019: Harley Davidson LiveWire launch details revealed

CES 2019: Harley Davidson LiveWire launch details revealed

We saw Scarlett Johansson pulling off some killer moves on the Harley Davidson LiveWire and the company has been teasing us ever since with teeny-weeny details of the motorcycle. But now the American cruiser giant has finally unveiled their silent warrior at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Powered by Harley Davidson’s new Revelation motor, the motorcycle sprints from 0-60 in 3.5 seconds and boasts a range of 175 km. Harley’s “Rechargeable Energy Storage System” (battery, for regular folks) supports fast charging and will go from 0 to 80 per cent in 40 minutes. And no, the loudest sound on this motorcycle won’t just be your heartbeat. Harley Davidson has added some sound for added bragging rights.

The motorcycle boasts lean-sensitive traction control and cornering ABS. The LiveWire skips the clutch and gears but the single speed engine will pull you all the way till 176 kmph. The company has collaborated with Panasonic to give the owners a huge range of connectivity features. Along with the usual phone connectivity for music, calls and navigation using onboard GPS, the Harley Davidson’s Connect app can track your bike and send alerts to you. You will also be reminded if you forget to plug in your motorcycle.

The LiveWire carries a price tag of USD 29,799 in the United States with deliveries expected from autumn next year. While there is no official word regarding the launch in India, given Harley’s aggressive approach in the recent times, we expect it to see the dawn in our country next year.

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