The new Continental plant at Pune
The new Continental plant at PuneContinental

Continental invests ₹200 crore in new Pune plant

Continental will produce sustainable interior surface materials for cars and bikes

Continental, the German automotive parts manufacturer most famous for its range of tyres, has inaugurated a new plant in Pune with a view to manufacture materials to be used in the interiors of vehicles. A large part of Continental’s commitment is to decrease their carbon footprint by reducing the wastes and emissions associated with the manufacturing of interior materials. These surface materials will be made out of sustainable contents.

The new plant is 1,49,000 square feet (14,000 square meters) with a ₹200 crore investment made into machinery and facilities. The products produced will be used in the interior surfaces of cars and bikes, such as the cloth that is used on dashboards. The company is focused on making the plant as environmentally conscious as possible. The primary materials to be made will be Acella Eco and Acella Lux material alongside Eco-friendly foam foil Yorn and Yorn Light which will be added to production in the future. Most of the activities in the plant will be geared towards export and some domestic production.

Inauguration of the new plant at Pune
Inauguration of the new plant at PuneContinental

Landry Tchapda the head of the surface solutions plant management said, “We are committed to our environment and are doing a lot to ensure that we are constantly reducing our carbon footprint”. He further explained: “The new plant features best-in-class energy efficiency standards, sustainable production processes, an ergonomic work environment, 100 percent sewage and wastewater treatment as well, exhaust air treatment of all processes, and use of energy from renewable source.”

Member of the Continental Executive Board Philip Nelles said, “Growing our business in the Asia-Pacific region is one of our main strategic pillars. Amongst others, India will play a major role to strive for our goal. That’s why we continue to invest into our Indian locations. Thus, we will remain close to our customers maximizing value creation”.

The new plant adds to the 8000 employees and seven other plants across India, and builds to the research and development capability of the company in the country.

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