Ferrari reveals SP38, a one-off customised car

Ferrari reveals SP38, a one-off customised car

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Ferrari reveals SP38, a one-off customised car

Ferrari unveiled a unique car designed for one of its most loyal clients. Latest in the series of bespoke commissions under the One-Off program, the SP38 is customisation at its best. Developed on the chassis and mechanics of the GTB 488, the exterior styling has been inspired by the F40. With a tapering front and muscular wheel arches, the most defining feature of the SP38 are the rear wings and the three slits on the body, above the engine. The gaping front air intake is topped by thin lip in the front and the sleek headlights. Especially designed for this model, the three-layer metallic red paint and the wrapping windscreen enhances the car’s sporty look. This model, though designed for the customer’s racing passion, can be driven both on the road and the track. To get a sneak peek into this beauty, head to the Villa d’Este Concorso d’Elegance on Saturday 26th May.

Here is the official press release:

Maranello, 23rd May 2018 – The Ferrari SP38, the latest addition to the Ferrari One-Off program, was unveiled at Fiorano: as soon as the delivery ceremony was handed out to one of Ferrari’s most loyal customers, the car was immediately put to the test with a series of laps launched.

This unique model, designed by the Ferrari Style Center on the chassis and the mechanics of the 488 GTB, reflects the particular vision of a customer with a deep passion for motor racing. The result is a model that can be driven both on the road and on the track, fully expressing in both cases the beauty and innovative spirit of the Maranello House cars.

The brand new body, finished in a triple-layer metallic red specially designed for this single model, clearly differs from the aesthetic language of the car from which it originates. The twin-turbo architecture with dual intercoolers of this unique model has suggested the majestic and iconic F40 as inspiration for the rough setting of the project. Compared to the 488 chassis, the visual mass of the SP38 appears concentrated on the rear wheels, by virtue of the cuneiform design that extends decidedly towards the front.

In the top view, the particularly tapered front extends towards the muscular wheel arches, giving the car agility and power. Specific optical groups have been designed and inserted to be the finest possible, while the obligatory daytime running lights have been repositioned to reinforce the character and functionality of the thin lip inserted in the front bumper, a reference to the 308 GTB. As for the side, the unmistakable side air intake of the 488 GTB is completely hidden thanks to the body folded on itself, starting from the lowered belt line of the door to the rear wheel arch and the wing.

The effect is of great impact and underlines the importance of the rear volume while maintaining the air flow towards the intercoolers, positioned at the base of the side window. The dynamic design continues above the bonnet without a rear window and extended in a single carbon fiber hood, with a cut on the side that strongly reminds that of the F40. Three transversal blades split the hood to disperse the heat generated by the engine, while the harmonious integration of the imposing rear spoiler recalls the famous wing of the F40. The escape edge of the spoiler, which flows seamlessly into the mudguard and the aerodynamic diffuser below, creates a striking frame around the tail volume.

The interior finishes curated by the Tailor Made program give the final touch to this very special Ferrari, which will be exhibited for the first time to the public on the occasion of the upcoming Villa d’Este Concorso d’Elegance on Saturday 26 May 2018.

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