Dacia unveils Europe's most affordable all-electric car
Dacia unveils Europe's most affordable all-electric carDacia Spring Concept

Dacia unveils Europe's most affordable all-electric car

2021 will see the introduction of the Dacia Spring in Europe,Dacia has just announced it is set to present an all-electric concept that is based on the Renault City K-ZE.

Dacia, a sub-brand of the Renault Group has raised the curtains on its all-electric, five-door family hatchback concept, the Dacia Spring, created in line with Renault's vision to provide affordable and sustainable mobility accessible to all with the values: simple, modern, reliable, and sturdy vehicles for a fair price.

Five-door family hatchback concept
Five-door family hatchback conceptDacia Spring Concept

The looks of the Dacia Spring are very similar to the Renault Kwid EV which has been introduced in India a while back. For its part, the vehicle looks far from simple thanks to its youthful aesthetics, with the horizontal LED DRLs which look like a zap of lighting and the LED headlights. The two LED’s have been integrated to look like a single function with the radiator grille.

100% all electric
100% all electricDacia Spring Concept
The four full-LED lights
The four full-LED lights Dacia Spring Concept

Dacia claims the Spring, based on the same platform as the Renault city K-ZE, will have a top range of 200Km. That said, whether the specifications will be the same is yet to be seen. The K-ZE is powered by a 43bhp and is packed with a 26.8Kwh lithium-ion battery which Renault claims will take four hours to top up using an AC charger.

The Dacia Spring is set to be available in Europe by 2021, and whether the brand will retain all the aesthetic elements in the production version are yet to be seen.

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