Dodge’s first fully-electric muscle car will bring the new era of muscle car
Dodge’s first fully-electric muscle car will bring the new era of muscle carDodge

Dodge teases its first fully electric muscle car

Dodge’s first fully electric muscle car will go on sale internationally in 2024 and is expected to be based on Stellantis’ STLA Large platform

Dodge announced it will roll out its first ever fully-electric muscle car in 2024. The auto-maker from Detroit explained its electrification strategy at its parent company Stellantis’ autonomous EV Day presentation and also teased what looks to be an all-electric version of the Challenger. Dodge is known for its wild V8-powered muscle cars which are popular for having bonkers power figures. And, by the looks of it, they intend to keep the power bit the same way with their first-ever EV as well — it can even do a four-wheel burnout!

All-electric Charger?

While most of the car is hidden in the video, you can make out its retro muscle car silhouette, complimented by the ‘Fratzog’ logo. This logo was adorned on the front of Dodge cars back in the 60s and the 70s. Dodge says “it’s a nod to the future which will bring out another great automotive era — the era of electric muscle cars.” Other details you can spot from the video are bulges on the bonnet, flared wheel arches, and the car’s shoulder lines — all of which are reminiscent of the Charger.

The all-electric Charger (or whatever it is finally called) is expected to be underpinned by Stellantis’ STLA Large platform which can offer up to 805 kilometres of range. Stellantis has said it has the technology to allow future EVs to hit 100kmph in less than two seconds, which would make the upcoming wave of electric Dodges faster than any V8-powered ones before them. The teaser video also showed off a four-wheeled burnout which suggests that it will have at least a dual-motor setup.

Dodge electric concept car is all-wheel drive
Dodge electric concept car is all-wheel driveDodge

Yes, we know that an all-electric muscle car is cause for concern. No V8? No rumble? Where's the fun in that. But as far as muscle goes, there are plenty of videos online of Teslas humiliating not just muscle cars but supercars too. And if the essence of muscle cars is ridiculous turn of speed, fast drag times and long burnouts, we expect this new all-electric Dodge to carry that legacy forward.

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