Ferrari F8 Tributo: Paying homeage to the most powerful V8 in a Ferrari

Ferrari F8 Tributo: Paying homeage to the most powerful V8 in a Ferrari

The most powerful V8 engined supercar- Ferrari F8 Tributo

Ferrari has unveiled its newest supercar, the F8 Tributo, at the ongoing Geneva Motor Show. The name pays a tribute to both, the F8 Tributo’s uncompromising layout and to the engine that powers it – with 710bhp and 770Nm, it’s the most powerful twin-turbo V8 in a Ferrari and the most powerful V8 currently. For three years in a row, from 2016-2018, this engine has won the ‘Best Engine’ award, in the International Engine of the Year awards.

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Ferrari says that the mid-rear mount of the engine makes for a great architecture in a two-seater supercar and creates an optimal weight balance. The F8 Tributo replaces the 488 GTB and makes about 49bhp more power. It’s also lighter and benefits from a 10 per cent improvement in aerodynamic efficiency along with the newest version of the Slide Slip Angle Control system. Ferrari says that the F8 Tributo is the most aerodynamically efficient series-production mid-rear-engined berlinetta ever designed.

Lighter, more tech-heavy and faster

Ferrari engineers in Maranello believe that there’s no such thing as turbo-lag in their cars. The F8 Tributo continues this trend. It produces power without any turbo lag and offers exceptional handling thanks to the new version of the Ferrari Dynamic Enhancer (FDE+). It’s a move designed to make performance on the limit easier to reach and control for an even greater number of drivers. The steering wheel rim is also smaller in diameter to enhance the level of tactility and make the car feel even more agile. In addition, weight reduction measures have cut the car’s dry weight by 40 kg compared to the 488 GTB.

It further enhances both, responsiveness and driving pleasure without compromising on interior comfort. Because of the increase in power output, the pistons and cylinder heads have been strengthened to cope with the higher loads, with peak pressure in the combustion chamber increased by up to 10 per cent. The increase in power was partly due to to a reduction in the temperature of the air entering the plenum (around 15 degrees lower than the 488 GTB) as a result of improved cooling flow management, according to Ferrari.

Like the 488 Pista, the F8 Tributo’s aerodynamics are derived from the track and adapt several features from the 488 Pista. It’s designed to help manage engine heat, including, for instance, the rearward-angled front radiators and the dynamic engine air intakes positioned either side of the spoiler instead of on the rear flanks. New vortex generators at the centre of the underbody have been optimised and account for 25 per cent of the increase in downforce. The overall downforce is also up by 15 per cent courtesy the front diffusers and the ramp angle. Ferrari attributes the overall increase in aerodynamic efficiency to the modifications made to the S-Duct (15%), rear spoiler (25%), front underbody (15%), vortex generators (25%) and rear diffuser (the remaining 20%).

The F8 Tributo makes 488 Pista-matching power as it shares the same engine as the Pista. Stay tuned to our channel for more updates on the Geneva Motor Show.

Here are the performance figures of the Ferrari F8 Tributo:

0-100 km/h2.9 s
0-200 km/h7.8 s
Top speed340 km/h

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