Geneva Motor Show 2018: Ferrari 488 Pista showcased

Geneva Motor Show 2018: Ferrari 488 Pista showcased

Ferrari has taken the wraps off the 488 Pista at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. The Pista (Italian for “Track”) is for enthusiasts who desire more power and exclusivity from the 488. This is the most powerful V8 in Ferrari history which punches out 710bhp and 770Nm of maximum torque, 49bhp and 10Nm over the 488 GTB’s engine. The V8 is mated to a seven-speed DCT. The combination propels the Pista to 100kmph in a claimed 2.85 seconds, while the 0-200 sprint takes just 7.6 seconds, before slinging it to a top speed upwards of 340kmph.

The Pista gets Inconel exhaust manifolds, titanium con rods, carbon-fiber intake plenums, and a lightweight flywheel and crankshafts. Furthermore, the front intake is completed by a central lower wing profile that acts as a splitter which accelerates the flow and increases the amount of air passing through the S-Duct. This improves its performance while, on the other hand, creates a low pressure area under the front underbody further boosting downforce.  The introduction of this particular solution accounts for 18 per cent of the overall increase in downforce compared to the 488 GTB, but barely a 2 per cent increase in drag.

The bodyshell was designed to keep the car as light as possible and features ultralight materials such as carbon-fibre for the bonnet, the front and rear bumpers and the rear spoiler, and Lexan for the rear window. A 20 inch (optional) single-piece carbon-fibre wheel rim is around 40 per cent lighter than the 488 GTB’s standard wheel rims and features a coating which efficiently dissipates heat generated under braking. With all of the proper lightweight stuff optioned, the Pista is nearly 90kgs lighter than the standard 488 GTB!

In terms of vehicle dynamics, there is the new version of the Side-Slip Angle Control system, 6.0, which incorporates E-Diff3, F1-Trac, and the magnetorheological suspension (SCM). Also, the Ferrari 488 Pista comes equipped with Ferrari Dynamic Enhancer which uses software to adjust brake caliper pressure at the limit to further enhance the car’s performance and make it more predictable. Special tires have been developed for the car by Michelin. Pricing and availability have yet to be announced.

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