Global NCAP World Congress to take place in Delhi

Global NCAP World Congress to take place in Delhi

Global NCAP – Spotlight on safety

Giving an emphasis to road safety and to reduce the number of road accidents taking place in the country, UK based charity Global NCAP has partnered with Institute of Road Traffic Education (IRTE) to host the ‘Global NCAP World Congress’ in Delhi. It will also launch its ‘Stop the Crash’ campaign in the country to reduce road fatalities.  The demonstrations for ‘Stop the Crash’ initiative will take place on the Buddh International circuit, the country’s only F1 track. The World Congress also puts focus on child safety in cars and motorcycle safety among others.

The first day will have demos of ‘Stop the Crash’ in BIC, which will put the focus on electronic stability control, ABS in bikes and autonomous emergency braking. A conference on ‘Building a Global Market for Vehicle Safety’ will be held on the second day, where eminent personalities from Global NCAP, Australian NCAP, Euro NCAP, Latin NCAP, China NCAP, Japan NCAP and ASEAN NCAP will be conducting sessions on topics including ‘The Role and Development of NCAPs in Emerging Markets’, motorcycle safety and roadmaps for vehicle safety.

Rohit Baluja, president of Institute of Road Traffic Education (IRTE), on the Global NCAP World Congress

“The Global NCAP World Congress will bring together the community of New Car Assessment Programmes (NCAPs) worldwide to share experience about independent consumer vehicle safety rating. The meeting will also provide a unique opportunity to assess the contribution that safer vehicles can make to the United Nations’ Decade of Action for Road Safety and the Sustainable Development Goals. The major highlight of the World Congress will be launch of ‘Stop The Crash’ campaign. The campaign will rally for early adoption of crash avoidance safety systems like electronic stability control as standard across four wheelers. The campaign will be launched at the annual NCAP Global World Congress, which will be held in India this year in partnership with the IRTE – Institute for Road Traffic Education.”

David Ward, secretary general of Global NCAP and chairman of the Stop the Crash partnership

“The Delhi World Congress will facilitate high level dialogue on a global roadmap for vehicle safety with the automobile manufacturers, senior policy makers, road safety experts, and fleet managers. A key theme of the World Congress will be how NCAPs worldwide have succeeded in building a market for safer cars by raising consumer awareness of the critical safety choices they make when buying a new vehicle. Some of the subjects that will be discussed during the world congress will be Vehicle Safety and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, The Role and Development of NCAPs in Emerging Markets, Priorities for Motorcycle Safety, Safer Cars for India, Fleet Safety – A Catalyst for Five Star Safety, A Road Map for Vehicle Safety – Major Trends & Opportunities to 2030.”

The 2018 Global NCAP awards will also be presented to the winners at the event.

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