Goodyear Tyres launches its Assurance TripleMax 2 tyres

Goodyear Tyres launches its Assurance TripleMax 2 tyres

Goodyear is celebrating its 120th anniversary this year and to celebrate its 120th birthday, the company has launched its new Assurance TripleMax 2 tyres, expanding its Assurance series line-up. The new tyres claim to have improved performance in wet conditions. Goodyear also claims that the tyres will improve fuel economy as they have focused more on reducing rolling resistance and improving grip. How much that will affect the wear of the tyre remains to be seen. Goodyear has also used a two-ply construction in sidewall area to improve on strength. Tinkering with the formulation by increasing the amount of silica and also the adhesive resins have had an impact on the stickiness of the tyres, says Goodyear. But that is just one part of many adjustments that are made to get the optimum performance without compromising the wear properties of the tyre. The tread design pattern with closed grooves is designed to generate less noise. The hexagonal bead shape improves rim contact and reduces vibration, according to the company. They have focused more to improve the wet grip performance and reduce rolling resistance which in turn improves fuel economy. Braking distance is the best in class, say Goodyear.

The contact patch of the tyre is also increased for better grip by introducing wider reinforced shoulder blocks, as compared to the Assurance Triplemax 1, says Goodyear. The new tyres also generate less noise and a squarer cavity design results in the contact pressure that is evenly distributed to improve handling of the car, according to the company. Goodyear says that it has managed to get similar tyre wear results as the Assurance Triplemax 1 tyre. Wider centerline sipes are designed to improve contact area thereby reducing aquaplaning.

On the launch of the new Assurance TrippleMax 2 tyres, P K Walia, vice-president (consumer business) said, “As pioneers in the tire technology, we constantly challenge ourselves to innovate and develop better products to improve the overall driving experience for the consumers, and this year we are celebrating our 120th anniversary, which marks a significant milestone for Goodyear. From the first tires on the moon to the first tubeless tires in India, Goodyear has always been at the forefront of the technological innovation and we aspire to design and to produce more high-performance tires with ground-breaking technologies. we are confident that new Assurance TripleMax 2 will allow drivers to experience better wet braking and handling performance.”

Currently Goodyear has two manufacturing facilities in India. The tyremaker started its Indian operations in 1922.

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