Hero Motocorp unveils the Vida Concept Lynx and Vida Concept Acro at EICMA 2023

The Vida Concept Lynx is a lightweight electric off-road motorcycle, while the Concept Acro is a kid-friendly electric motorcycle
The Vida Concept Lynx just weighs 82kg
The Vida Concept Lynx just weighs 82kgHero MotoCorp

Lynx and Acro were two more electric concepts unveiled by Hero Motocorp under the Vida brand at EICMA 2023. The Lynx is a true-blue dirtbike electric dirtbike with a sharp and sleek design. The Acro is an electric off-roader built for kids.

Vida Concept Lynx

Hero MotoCorp unveiled the Vida Concept Lynx, an off-road electric motorcycle, at EICMA 2023 in Milan, Italy. The motorcycle is designed to provide optimal ride and handling characteristics while weighing as little as possible.

The Concept Lynx is inspired by the lynx cat, with a robust and agile frame designed for off-road terrain.

The motorcycle has patent-pending suspension geometry that improves weight distribution and handling. Hero claims that this concept motorcycle weighs only 82kg.

The Concept Lynx, which is powered by a high-performance electric motor, delivers significant power and torque from 0 RPM. This feature allows the motorcycle to excel in a variety of off-road situations, such as climbing steep inclines, navigating rocky paths, conquering sandy dunes, and navigating muddy trails. Riders can customise regenerative braking and traction control parameters using a mobile application.

Vida Concept Acro

Hero MotoCorp unveiled the Vida Concept Acro, a new entry-level electric motorcycle concept for children, at EICMA 2023.

The Vida Concept Acro runs on batteries that are commonly found in household appliances
The Vida Concept Acro runs on batteries that are commonly found in household appliancesHero Motocorp

This child-friendly electric bike has a 3-point adjustable frame that can be reconfigured in less than 2 minutes without the use of tools. It is intended for children aged 3 to 9, with the ability to adapt to their changing needs. A patent-pending adjustable mechanism lets users change the seat height, bike length, and handlebar position while maintaining ergonomic integrity across three bike sizes.

The bike runs on batteries that are commonly found in household appliances, allowing for simple battery swapping and compatibility. This eliminates the need for multiple, costly batteries, making it a more affordable option for parents.

The electric bike has adjustable speed settings to allow for a more gradual transition as children gain confidence and skill. Geo-fencing is included to allow parents to define operational boundaries, thereby increasing safety. To avoid accidents, a quick disable button is also included.

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