Honda and General Motors tie-up to share EV platforms
Honda and General Motors tie-up to share EV platforms Honda and General Motors

Honda and General Motors tie up to share EV platforms

Japanese car maker Honda and American automobile manufacturer GM have decided to come together and develop two new electric vehicle platforms

Honda and General Motors have plans to come together to develop new electric vehicle platforms that will use the General Motors EV architecture and this time will carry Honda styling along with some tuning from the Honda engineering team. More and more automakers are coming together as just the other day we saw Toyota and BYD tie up with the same goal in mind to develop a new electric car platform. Companies are coming together to reduce their research and development spends as they can pool resources and develop a platform at a fraction of the cost. In these tough times, the automotive sector is going through this strategy to merge resources which will bring bear fruit in the longer run.

Honda and General Motors

Honda will also get access to GM's Star connected car technology and driver assistant technology that will be integrated into this new EV platform. The EVs will also use GM’s Ultium batteries that use General Motors' proprietary low cobalt formula of cells that are vertically or horizontally stackable, to suit different types of vehicles. Honda will provide the engineering for this electric vehicle's platform that means it will look after the interior and exterior design work and the electric vehicles will be built in General Motors' North American facilities.

This is not the first time both these companies have come together. Early last year, General Motors and Honda collaborated on fuel cell development as well as some autonomous driving technology. Both of these Honda cars using the General Motors battery technology will be said to debut by 2024.

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