How do you film a record run for the Bugatti Chiron
How do you film a record run for the Bugatti ChironBugatti Chiron

How do you film a record run for the Bugatti Chiron

This Is how a Bugatti Chiron was filmed at 400kmph, filmmaker Al Clark takes us on the behind the scenes of this shoot and reveals all the equipment that was used to capture this record-breaking run.

Two years ago Bugatti released a film showcasing the Chiron’s ability to reach 0 to 400kmph and back to 0 in just 42 seconds. Now if you ever wanted to know how that record was filmed, filmmaker Al Clark has revealed the behind the scenes preparation and all the equipment that went into filming this video for Bugatti.

Filming a record-breaking run like this is not as simple as just slapping a GoPro on the dashboard and pressing record. It involves more preparation and planning and experts from the world of filming to get involved to get the right shots. Although many rumours suggested online that the tracking shot for the Bugatti Chiron was done with a Toyota Supra tuned to 1000bhp, in reality it was another Bugatti Chiron that was the tracking car to get the money shot that was the car rolling at its top speed.

You can watch the behind the scenes video here explained by the Film maker Al Clark

The filmmaker also shared in his video that he was inspired by the 90s BMW M5 commercial, Where the M5 was used as a tracking car to chase a high-speed jet-powered dragster. Although that was a CGI (Computer Generated image), the filmmaker looked to achieve an actual sense of speed with the Bugatti film without any after-effects. Although they did have to add back some shake into the footage as the steady cam raw footage appeared to be too smooth and did not show that sense of dramatic speed.

The camera car
The camera car Bugatti Chiron

The task of driving this record-breaking run was given to Juan Pablo Montoya. And the location for this run was the Volkswagen test track at Ehra-Lessien in Germany. Because of the high speeds that were being done, a traditional drone could not be used and hence they had to use a helicopter that could give up to an hour of filming time. Another Caterham camera car that was modified by the German Studio Format67 was also used for additional shots and to capture opening shots.

But for all the other fast-paced action another Chiron was rigged up with all the camera equipment and used to capture all the action. It’s great to learn the entire process and challenges that the crew faced to create this action-packed film for Bugatti.

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