Hyundai Motor India's new  corporate headquarter is equipped with 14 EV charging points
Hyundai Motor India's new corporate headquarter is equipped with 14 EV charging pointsHyundai Motor India

Hyundai Motor India inaugurates new corporate headquarters in Gurugram

Along with the new corporate headquarters, two new oxygen plants donated by the Hyundai Motor India Foundation were also inaugurated

Hyundai Motor India today inaugurated its new corporate headquarters in Gurugram. Dubbed as a ‘Centre for transformation of a better tomorrow,’ the new corporate headquarters of Hyundai Motor India will have a sustainable architecture to showcase its commitment towards making the environment cleaner. Another highlight of the inauguration was the donation of two new oxygen plants by Hyundai Motor India foundation to CHC and Al-Afia hospitals in the Nuh district of Haryana.

The new corporate headquarter building is zone 5 earthquake compatible
The new corporate headquarter building is zone 5 earthquake compatibleHyundai Motor India

Highlights of the new corporate headquarters

The new HMIL (Hyundai Motor India Limited) headquarters has a built-up area of 28,000 metres square. The facility is built around a sustainable architecture with a 400 metre-square green wall with live plants, a 50kW solar panel integrated rooftop, and 14 EV charging units — 11 AC normal charging points and three DC fast chargers.

Employee satisfaction has been kept in mind to increase the employees’ work efficiency. To reduce work fatigue, the new headquarter will have workstations with motion desks which has hight adjustment option, rhombus desks and of course, regular desks too. Covid-19 is still around and HMIL has incorporated quite a few measures to minimise the risk of spreading the virus. To reduce common touch points 'speed gates' take over the door handle dilemma, and to reduce person-to-person spread it will also accommodate open and flexible seating for the employee. There's also a total of seven video conferencing rooms, and five closed, six open meeting rooms along with 24 soundproof 'focus rooms'.

Ergonomic office furniture to reduce the work fatigue
Ergonomic office furniture to reduce the work fatigueHyundai Motor India

HMIL has also kept the health and safety of its employees a priority here. Thermal scanning cameras, are put at every entry point to keep a track of any employees running fever. Moreover, lockers of employees will be sanitized by UV light. The HVAC system gets a HEPA filtration system to filter out the polluted particles in the air, to combat the poor air quality in the NCR. The new headquarter has a design in compliance with earthquake zone 5 requirements. There are also many other facilities like cafes, separate washrooms for specially-abled individuals, relaxation rooms for women, canteen and a dispensary for medical emergencies.

Additionally, Hyundai Motor India has also pitched a concept that outlined the importance of the body, mind, and soul to create a healthy working environment for its employees.

Hyundai Ioniq 5 along with other cars were also on display
Hyundai Ioniq 5 along with other cars were also on displayHyundai Motor India

Hyundai also showcased the Ioniq 5 electric car and the Nexo along with a couple of models from Genesis, the G80 and the GV80 at the inauguration ceremony. Are they coming to India? We don’t know that yet. But what we know is Hyundai Motor India is expanding faster than ever. With 17 regional offices and 2449 customers touchpoints in place already, Hyundai is now focusing on sustainable energy and greener practices to save the planet.

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