Hyundai #BeTheBetterGuy road safety campaign begins
#BeTheBetterGuy Shot by Rohit Mane for evo India

Hyundai #BeTheBetterGuy road safety campaign begins

The #BeTheBetterGuy campaign aims at inculcating better driving sense and how to approach driving in the new normal

The #BeTheBetterGuy campaign is the brainchild of Hyundai Motor India since 2016. It was started to inculcate a better driving sense amongst road users so that they become safer, more responsive and responsible on the road.

The campaign focused on educating people to the need to obey traffic rules, wearing a seatbelt even if you are a passenger, always observing the speed limits, not using mobile phones while driving, to not drink and drive, to strictly prohibit underage driving and to ensure pedestrian safety.

At evo India, we have conducted a few #BeTheBetterGuy training sessions in which owners of Hyundai cars would be given a comprehensive seminar by our team of experienced drivers on becoming a better, safer driving. The seminars would be followed by a drive which would attempt at addressing the learnings with practical demonstration and examples.

Here’s what we have done in the past with Hyundai’ #BeTheBetterGuy initiative:

Hyundai has recommenced the #BeTheBetterGuy initiative now and also included the prevalent tangent of driving in the ‘New Normal’. The campaign iterates that along with the following previously mentioned driving etiquette one should also actively practice all social distancing norms, maintain hygiene, get habituated to wearing a mask even while driving and to periodically sanitize your car and surroundings.

The initiative is a very thoughtful one and is a great tool to help consumers navigate through these confusing and challenging times that have become the ‘New Normal’. As a part of the 2020 campaign, evo India conducted another (this time socially distanced) drive with customers educating them on how to stay safe on our roads. Stay tuned to our social media, website and YouTube channel for updates.

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