Hyundai shares more details about its Prophecy EV concept car
Hyundai shares more details about its Prophecy EV concept carHyundai Prophecy EV

Hyundai shares more details about its Prophecy EV concept car

Designer Luc Donkerwolke showcases Hyundai’s new design language called ‘Sensuous Sportiness’ that is said to be inspired by cars from the 20s and 30s

Hyundai was all set to showcase the Prophecy EV concept car at the Geneva motor show, before the show was cancelled due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. At that time Hyundai had sent out a small collection of static photos of this concept, but now the automaker has sent more detailed shots and has elaborated what the real-world applications for this concept would be.

Design wise, the Prophecy concept takes a lot of design cues from the streamlined coupes from the 1920s and 30s. Hyundai’s chief design officer Luc Donkerwolke said this is a new beginning in an effort to create new concept cars from Hyundai. The Prophecy can also be looked at as a glimpse into the new design language Hyundai is set to debut on other models in the coming future. The basic concept for ‘Sensuous Sportiness’ is meant to showcase a more retro art-deco aerodynamic design with a few digital touches like the pixelated front and rear lights that represent in the modern age.

You can check out the walk around with the chief designer down below that gives a more detailed look into the prophecy EV concept

Coming to the interiors of this unique concept, they look to have integrated drive-by-wire solutions like using a joystick to operate the entire automobile. The joystick is built into the centre console and the left-hand stick is attached to the door. Hyundai calls this whole setup as Intuitive human interface and says it will offer customers a more comfortable seating position with most of the dashboard being freed up. Hyundai also claimed that around 90 per cent of the concept car's functions can be controlled by the joystick to avoid minimum distractions for the users. Additionally, Hyundai has added a smart posture care system where occupants can individually input information such as height, weight to get the medically verified optimal seating position.

A welcome feature in this concept is an air filtration system developed by Hyundai with a sensor that can automatically start the circulation of fresh air so the vehicle can keep an optimised environment even when it is stationary. Coming to the drivetrain, Hyundai doesn’t have anything specific about it, as all they have mentioned is that it is an electric car and will utilise Hyundai’s E-GPM platform currently in use with all the cars in its EV portfolio.

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