Hyundai's April Fool's prank
Hyundai's April Fool's prank Hyundai Palisade N line

Hyundai's April Fool's prank

Hyundai teased a rendering of a Palisade, Nexo and Prophecy all spec'd in 'N' line trim and livery, on Instagram for April Fools' Day.

Hyundai played a cheeky April fools prank with a couple of its models, featuring them in ‘N’ performance trim and livery. Hyundai was one of the few automakers to actively participate in the April fools day celebrations as most of the other manufacturers have stayed clear due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Hyundai ‘N’ is the performance division of Hyundai It is like what AMG is to Mercedes-Benz. They have been recently responsible for cars like the Veloster N, i30 N and some wild concepts like a performance Van that went around the Nurburgring. The renders do seem to get a laugh from the social media audience, but if you actually think about it it makes sense to have this performance SUV is just like what the other German brands have done with their lineup of SUVs. We have to say the Palisade in the blue Hyundai N livery with those accented red stripes definitely looks the part!

On the other hand, Hyundai also showcased a render of the Prophecy N concept that was earlier showcased in its black paint scheme. The render featured a blue paint job with red accents and an added aero package that definitely shifted this concept focus from being efficient to more of a performance oriented vehicle.

Lastly Hyundai showcased is the Nexo N , which actually looks like a quite impressive hot hatch. One thing to highlight is that the Nexo is on a hydrogen-powered platform, so we will have to wait and see what exactly performance wise Hyundai would add to boost this car’s performance. Hyundai has to be commended on this effort to bring a smile to all enthusiasts' face during this time of doom and gloom due to the global pandemic.

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