Kia Motors to launch a new diesel 48V mild hybrid powertrain by the end of 2018

Kia Motors to launch a new diesel 48V mild hybrid powertrain by the end of 2018

Introduction of diesel 48V mild hybrid powertrain

Kia Motors will introduce its first ever 48V mild hybrid technology in diesel powertrains by the end of 2018. The new eco-dynamics and the 48V mild hybrid technology will help in reduction of CO2 emissions by almost 4% in a the powertrain and provide gain in torque figures which will result in a little bump in the acceleration of the vehicle. Kia aims to make this powertrain affordable compared to the full hybrid system which is yet on an expensive side, this will be cheap, easy to integrate and compact.  The compact mild hybrid system can be integrated into the existing system of the vehicle and it does not even require an external plug-in charge.

Moving start & stop function

The powertrain has been developed with eco dynamics system. This system is developed to deliver more torque and efficiency from various engines by using electric power and charging batteries. The electric motor is coupled with the engine to provide enhanced acceleration while it reduces load on the engine while cruising. Also, while deceleration the battery is charged using the braking energy generated by the crankshaft. The hybrid system also features ‘Moving Stop & Start’ function. This function automatically shuts off the engine while the vehicle decelerates by braking and re-starts as soon as the accelerator pedal is floored, thus helping the engine to deliver more kmpl.

Easy and compact

The 48V battery can be located beneath the boot floor, minimizing the impact on vehicle practicality and the mild hybrid starter and generator integrates directly with the engine, driving the crankshaft via a belt. Kia plans to launch 16 advanced powertrain vehicles by 2025, including five new hybrids, five plug-in hybrids, five battery-electric vehicles and a new fuel-cell electric vehicle by 2020.

Future of Electrification

The 48-volt battery is currently used in the Bentley Bentayga  to drive an electric sway bar system for better handling, Audi is using it to power an electric supercharger and now Kia coming into this game with a diesel 48V mild hybrid powertrain.

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