Kinetic Green Zulu launched at Rs 94,990

The new Kinetic Green Zulu EV scooter carries the legacy of a beloved name from Indian automotive history
The Kinetic Green Zulu has a claimed range of 104km
The Kinetic Green Zulu has a claimed range of 104kmTeam evo India

Freshly rebranded household name Kinetic Green aims to make a comeback in the EV scooter space with a battery subscription model that reduces the up-front cost of the vehicle.

The Kinetic Green Zulu features front and rear disc brakes
The Kinetic Green Zulu features front and rear disc brakesTeam evo India

Battery and performance

The Zulu is powered by a 2.27kWh lithium-ion battery that drives the rear wheel through a BLDC (Brushless Direct Current) hub motor. Peak power comes in at 2.8bhp and takes the Zulu to a top speed of 60kmph. On a full charge, the Zulu will cover a claimed maximum of 104km. At a later date, Kinetic Green will introduce the new ‘KG Ener-G’ battery with patented oil-cooling technology, enabling a claimed ultra-fast charging time of 30 minutes for 80 per cent. The Zulu will also feature an AI-based Battery Health Prediction System the will allow the battery to provide over a claimed 120,000km of mileage.

Chassis and dimensions

The Zulu comes in at a 93kg kerb weight with a maximum payload capacity of 150kg, measuring 1830mm long with a 160mm ground clearance. At both ends of the 1360mm wheelbase are 10-inch wheels, both of which get disc brakes featuring regenerative braking. The battery also also comes with an IP67 water and dust resistance rating.

Technology and convenience

For illumination, the Zulu gets LED DRLs and a boot light under the seat. Information is presented by a digital speedometer. Additionally, the Zulu features a side stand sensor that won’t let it move unless the side stand is up. Storage space is present in the front and under the seat, with a front bag hook. The 15-amp charging socket features auto-cut technology, which stops charging once the battery is full.

Battery subscription

The Zulu will be available with an optional battery subscription model, allowing the customer to pay for the battery as they use it and reducing the up-front acquisition cost of the vehicle. The subscription will also lower the running-costs of the Zulu and allow the customer to purchase the battery outright at the end of the term.

The Kinetic Green Zulu has been launched at an introductory ex-showroom (Mumbai) price of Rs 94,990.

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