Feast your eyes on the 480kmph Koenigsegg Jesko: Shot in Switzerland

Feast your eyes on the 480kmph Koenigsegg Jesko: Shot in Switzerland

First unveiled at the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show, the Koenigsegg Jesko startled everyone with it’s astronomical performance figures and jaw-dropping design. And now the Swedish automobile manufacturer has shot the car in the magnificent Swiss Alps near the jolly good Swiss town of Lucerne. So, if your week is struck with boredom, here’s some eye candy that can spice it up for you. Enjoy the image gallery.

Jesko inherits the genes of the Agera RS as the company’s leading track-focused, road-legal car for those looking for the ultimate in vehicle performance.

Re-designed 5.0 litre twin-turbo V8 engine produces 1262bhp on standard gasoline and 1578bhp on E85 biofuel

The Jesko features an insane nine speed seven clutch gearbox. It’s an engineering marvel and is unlike anything that we’ve seen on any of the recent hypercars

It’s advanced aerodynamics makes over 1000kg of downforce and the car also uses active rear-wheel steering

Jesko is named for Jesko von Koenigsegg, the father of company Founder and CEO, Christian von Koenigsegg.

Koenigsegg was awarded a Guinness World Record for its successful effort at engine development. The CC8S replaced the McLaren F1 as the car with the most powerful production engine in the world.

At the core of the newly designed engine is the world’s lightest V8 crankshaft. Weighing just 12.5 kilos, Koenigsegg’s new flat-plane 180-degree crankshaft allows the hypercar to produce more power. That too with greater efficiency, while achieving a higher 8500rpm rev limit.

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