Lamborghini India unveils ‘Shadanga’ artwork that celebrates its design through Indian classical art

Celebrating its 60th anniversary, Lambo’s six-piece artwork series fuses its design language and Indian classical art. Lamborghini will also be donating 6000 meals through the sales generated from this initiative
Sharad Agarwal, head of Lamborghini India with the art pieces.
Sharad Agarwal, head of Lamborghini India with the art pieces.Lamborghini India

Lamborghini India has unveiled a collaboration with The Plated Project. Entitled ‘Shadanga,’ this alliance marks a fusion of Lamborghini's design legacy and artistic expression through the six elements of Indian classical art. Six artists, each dedicated to one of Lamborghini’s supercars, used the car’s design language and transformed them into artworks. These art pieces are crafted on handcrafted canvases and additionally, a limited set of 100 digitally printed collector’s edition replicas on porcelain plates are also available.

These are the six pieces: 

Lavanya Yojana: It harmonises the Miura with traditional symbols of beauty from Indian culture.

Pramana: This intertwines the Countach with Indian architecture.

Sadrisya: This is supposed to blend the Diablo with a bull from Indian mythology.

Rupabheda: It captures the essence of the Huracán STO, the signature roar of its V10 engine, and the Indian Ragmala.

Varnikabhanga: It mirrors Lamborghini’s Ad Personam program with Indian folk art, showcasing the art of expression.

Kathakali Bhava: This fuses Revuelto’s design with a re-imagined Indian portrait.

Beyond the celebration of design and artistry, this collaboration aligns with The Plated Project's noble mission to combat hunger through art. A remarkable 6,000 meals will be donated to the needy said to illustrate Lamborghini's commitment to social responsibility.

Sharad Agarwal, head of Lamborghini India said, “As we celebrate 60 years of Lamborghini's relentless pursuit of excellence, we are delighted to join hands with ‘The Plated Project’ to create a truly exceptional art showcase, ‘Shadanga’. This initiative not only pays homage to our iconic brand but also contributes to a meaningful cause.”

The 'Shadanga' project is not only beautiful to look at but also showcases how art can be used for the good of humanity. The addition of Indian heritage only adds to the celebration.

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