Lamborghini Urus Pearl Capsule gets three pearlescent paint finishes from Lamborghini's supercars
Lamborghini Urus Pearl Capsule gets three pearlescent paint finishes from Lamborghini's supercarsLamborghini Urus Pearl Capsule

Lamborghini launches Urus Pearl Capsule in India

The Lamborghini Urus Pearl Capsule also marks the launch of the 2021 model year Urus in India

Lamborghini has been bringing its newest models to India almost as fast as they drive, but while the pandemic delayed the launch of the Urus Pearl Capsule, the company has still been selling almost one Urus a week since its launch! Lamborghini India looks to keep the run rate back on track, and maybe even better that with the introduction of the new Pearl Capsule and the 2021 Urus. The Pearl Capsule is a celebration of three of Lamborghini’s most iconic colors, and with it comes minor updates to the standard Urus as well.

Orange ring around alloys is exclusive to the Lamborghini Urus Pearl Capsule
Orange ring around alloys is exclusive to the Lamborghini Urus Pearl CapsuleLamborghini Urus Pearl Capsule

What is the Urus Pearl Capsule?

Lamborghini tends to offer high-gloss, almost pearl effect paint finishes on its supercars but this wasn’t the case with the Urus. While it had a fair few colors in its palette, iconic shades like Giallo Inti (yellow), Arancio Borealis (orange, pictured) and Verde Mantis (green), weren’t on the roster, not even as optional extras. So, to rectify that the Urus Pearl Capsule comes in any one of the aforementioned three colours, all of them featuring a four layer high-gloss paint finish.

Contrasting this bright paintwork is a high-gloss treatment to the front vents, side sills, rear diffuser, rear spoiler and even on the roof. These are matte black on the standard Urus. Standard on the Urus Pearl Capsule are 23-inch (!) rims in a gloss black finish, with a body colored ring around it, the latter is exclusive to the Pearl Capsule. In person, the combination of pearlescent orange and gloss black works rather well. It makes the Urus look even meaner, even faster than before, more Lambo.

The black and orange theme continues on the inside where there’s orange inserts on the seats, centre console and even on the doors, I might have missed it being integrated in some other clever places. Bits of trim that would usually be silver or grey in the standard Urus are now black and there’s a lot of gloss carbonfibre around the cabin as standard. Some touches are exclusive to the Pearl Capsule, like the Urus lettering on the seat backs with the Italian flag, this can’t even be had as an option on the standard Urus. This spec is absolutely smashing, with just the right pop of orange to an otherwise stealth cabin. You can also go a bit more over the top with reverse stitching and all sorts of different options. Speaking of which, for 2021, Lamborghini has also opened up the Ad Personam program for the Urus, which means you can let your imagination and creations run even wilder than before when speccing it up.

Updates to the 2021 Urus

Not much has changed on the Urus since it launched in 2018. There’s some more standard equipment but two of the most significant ones — the heads-up display and connected car tech — don’t make it to India. The India-spec Urus does get automatic parking as standard though. The 2021 Urus also gets the option of a 17-speaker Sensonum sound system with a 730W amplifier and there’s also a new, heavier, less VW-esque key. Aside from this, not much has changed on the Urus.

You still get air suspension as standard, as well as a twin-turbo V8 producing 641bhp, plus a top speed of over 300kmph. The Urus remains a rocket ship that you can take to the farmhouse.

The Urus looks absolutely smashing in Arancio Borealis
The Urus looks absolutely smashing in Arancio BorealisLamborghini Urus Pearl Capsule

Urus Pearl Capsule pricing and rivals

The standard Urus is priced approximately at Rs 3.15 crore and the Pearl Capsule commands a premium of 20 per cent over that, so we’re looking in the ballpark of Rs 3.7-3.8 crore. It is a lot more money to pay for a brighter car, but there’s a lot more standard kit here that you would otherwise have had to pay (through your nose) for, in a standard Urus.

As far as competition goes, the more luxurious Bentley Bentayga starts at just a smudge under Rs 4 crore and the Urus’ cousin in a business suit, the Audi RS Q8 starts at just over Rs 2 crore. They all share roughly the same powertrains, as does the Porsche Cayenne Turbo, but all that is a bit irrelevant because you cannot justify a bright orange Lamborghini SUV on paper.

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