Prince Albert of Monaco drives the Lamborghini Marzal at the Monaco GP circuit

Prince Albert of Monaco drives the Lamborghini Marzal at the Monaco GP circuit

Lamborghini Marzal – Making a historic re-appearance

In an event that brought back nostalgic memories of the 1967 Monaco GP, Prince Albert of Monaco drove the Lamborghini Marzal at the Monaco GP track for the first time in 51 years. The four-seater GT car, designed by Italian automotive designer Marcello Gandini on behalf of Bertone was unveiled at the 1967 Geneva Motor Show, to recreate the success of the Miura.

On May 7 1967, Prince Rainier III of Monaco along with Princess Grace did the lap of honour in the Marzal around the Monoco GP circuit just before the start of the Grand Prix. This made the car even more famous and special. The car never saw the light of the day after that lap in 1967 till now, when Prince Albert of Monaco took the same car out on the race track.

The only Lamborghini to feature a six-cylinder engine

The Lamborghini Marzal was a special car. Made in 1967, it featured glazed gullwing doors that offered a superb view of the interiors with its near transparent cockpit, which came with silver leather upholstery, giving the interiors a  bright and shiny appearance. Its exterior design and futuristic interiors were way ahead of their time. The Marzal was powered by a 2-litre in-line 6-cylinder rear transverse mounted engine and was the only car that featured a six-cylinder engine. In the case of the Marzal, Lamborghini took the Miura’s V12, sliced it in half and then placed it in a transverse position at the rear.

Lamborghini Espada celebrates 50th anniversary

Meanwhile, the Lamborghini Espada, another 2+2 seater car celebrated its 50th anniversary. The car was created in 1968 and production ran till 1978. The Lamborghini Espada too joined the Marzal for the lap of honour around the Monaco GP circuit. The 1976 Espada was restored by Polo Storico workshop in Sant’Agata Bolognese. The same car bearing chassis number 9090 will also be taking part in the Espada and Islero 50th anniversary tour through the valleys of Umbria in September this year. The event is organized by Lamborghini for the owners of the Espada and Islero, where the customers will drive 650km through scenic Italian roads from Perugia to Sant’Agata Bolognese.

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