Lamborghini unveils the Huracan EVO ahead of Geneva Motor Show

Lamborghini unveils the Huracan EVO ahead of Geneva Motor Show

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Lamborghini unveils the Huracan EVO ahead of Geneva Motor Show

Lamborghini has released details and the pictures of Huracan EVO before the car makes a public appearance at the 2019 Geneva Motor show. Boasting mechanical, aesthetic as well as technological upgrades from the Performante and the Aventador S, the Huracan EVO is the new raging bull from the Italian brand’s stable.

Featuring the naturally aspirated 5.2 litre V10 from the Performante, the Huracan EVO packs 630 ponies with a tarmac-shredding 600Nm of peak twist. Sporting a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox, the four-wheel drive bull sprints from 0 to 100kmph in a mere 2.9 seconds! Reaching 200kmph in 9 seconds, this car is a tenth slower than the Performante. With a dry weight of 1422kg, the EVO is 40kg heavier than the track-bred sibling.

EVO is the first 10-cylinder from the Lamborghini family to sport a rear-wheel steering. Derived from larger siblings, the central ‘Dynamics Control’ system works in conjunction with the set-up to relay information from the chassis’ active control operations through a single ‘brain’. This new central system calibrates variable ratio ‘dynamic steering’, magnetorheological dampers, traction and stability control, transmission and braking systems to suit the road conditions as well as actively predict them too.

With the updated engine, the Italian marquee has made some aesthetic changes as well. Along with an updated front and rear bumper, the Huracan EVO gets high-mounted exhaust a-la Performante. The car also flaunts a new, aggressive rear diffuser with a ducktail spoiler.

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The previous model’s interior was considered too simple and with the EVO, Lamborghini has changed the interiors of the EVO substantially. The central bridge now has an 8.4-inch portrait display which is a first for Lamborghini. The driver can control all the major functions of the car including driver mode system.

The car carries a price of GBP 198k in the United Kingdom. We expect this car to be launched in India next year and are excited to get behind the wheel of the new bull.

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