Log9 Materials has built South Asia's largest battery cell manufacturing plant
Log9 Materials has built South Asia's largest battery cell manufacturing plantLog9 Materials

Log9 will build battery cells in India

The new manufacturing plant in Bengaluru will be the largest cell-fabrication unit in Southeast Asia, says Log9

With the rise of electric cars comes a rising need for components, such as batteries, cells, motors and other paraphernalia. India is particularly left behind in this regard, with most of our batteries and other technology being imported from factories in China. Log9 wants to change that, and be innovative while at it! The Bengaluru-based company has announced a manufacturing plant that will produce cells to eventually power low-cost EVs, such as two-wheelers and three-wheelers. This new plant will be the largest cell fabrication centre in South Asia aiming to achieve at least 50MWh of peak cell production capacity in the next year, with a growth to over 5GWh in the next 3-5 years.

Log9 Materials has leveraged its cell-to-pack competency to develop LFP and LTO batteries named RapidX battery packs that provide 9 times faster charging, better performance, lower battery degradation, and battery life, as compared to conventional Li-Ion batteries that are currently dominant in the Indian market. Log9's RapidX batteries, powered by InstaCharge battery technology, have been built to operate across -30 to 60 degree celsius temperature range. In addition, Log9 is investing heavily in the research and development of Aluminum Fuel Cells that will power long-haul commercial vehicles of the future.

Log9 will be producing their RapidX battery packs at the new fabrication center, which will have their Instacharge technology, with features such as 9 times faster charging, better performance, and battery life than regular Lithium-ion batteries, as claimed by the company. The company is also looking to new avenues of technological research, such as new battery cell form factors. Log9 claims to have made batteries that are in line with Indian conditions, including weather, temperature and harshness, that imported batteries are not designed to handle.

Speaking at the event, Akshay Singhal, Co-Founder & CEO of Log9 Materials said, “We at Log9 are extremely proud and happy to launch India’s first cell manufacturing line, which reflects a giant leap forward in empowering India with all the flexibility and scale that would be required to give the country the right impetus for ushering its EV-led future. Thus, for Log9, Day Zero marks the day that will usher in a new era of India-made cells for India. This special Day also marks our 7th anniversary and is therefore presented as a culmination of the groundbreaking efforts by LogNiners throughout our seven-year-long journey so far. Our cells have been designed grounds-up in India, for India; and this means that Log9’s cells and batteries are the best suited for Indian operating conditions, climate and customers, and hence they are going to play a crucial role in making India self-reliant while helping the nation realize its ambitious electric mobility vision. With the momentum garnered from Log9’s Day Zero event, we will be going onwards and upwards and pledge to do everything possible to enable our country to accelerate and lead within the intersectional areas of e-mobility, EV-tech, clean energy and clean tech, sustainability and deep technologies.”

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