Mahindra showcases new “World of SUVs” dealership initiative

Mahindra showcases new “World of SUVs” dealership initiative

By Sudipto Chaudhury

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Mahindra showcases new “World of SUVs” dealership initiative

Mahindra showcased its World of SUVs dealership, themed around the brand’s DNA of ‘Live Young, Live Free.’. The company has already set up over 300 such World of SUVs dealerships across the country, within the past six months, and that this new format dealership will redefine customer experience, thanks to digital technologies and interventions.

The brand says that through its network of World of SUVs dealerships, they plan to improve their customer engagement, depending chiefly on the virtual aspect of car-buying, i.e. prospective customers can engage with the brand directly via online fora, whereas the With You Hamesha digital platform can cater to existing customers.

About the World of SUVs

At Mahindra’s World of SUVs customers can see the changes/customisations that the brand offers to car buyers, via which the end results can be viewed directly on a computer screen within the dealership. Additionally, the brand has emphasised that every person walking in through the dealership doors is a prospective customer, hence the inclusion of Wi-Fi connected, luxurious Customer Lounges to add to customer delight. Additionally, once within the dealership, customer queries will be addressed by specially trained Relationship Managers armed with tablets that will provide an immersive demo to the customers, helping reduce crowds and clutter within the dealerships while also making a repository of easy answers to common queries.

Seamless Customer Experience

Taking a step further for the purchase experience of a high-end SUVs such as Alturas G4, is the presence of an immersive virtual reality experience for the customer, achieved with TV screens for mirroring of the tablets (for the customer to make the virtual changes) which is then projected upon 86-inch screens, enabling the entire family to get the immersive experience

Lastly, Mahindra-badged merchandise and accessories will be prominently displayed across every Mahindra World of SUVs dealership, prompting customers to dress themselves ‘Mahindra Style’ leading to a greater brand visibility and recall among non-Mahindra customers as well.

Speaking at the showcase of the World of SUVs, Veejay Ram Nakra, chief of sales and customer care, automotive division, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd said, “The Mahindra World of SUVs is a differentiated customer experience, a synthesis of next level technology with a physical environment that showcases the brand promise of ‘Live Young Live Free’.

“In fact, it is built on the foundation of providing convenience, transparency and personalisation.”   Mr. Nakra further added, “At Mahindra we have always leveraged technology to re-imagine the purchase and ownership experience for our customers.”

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