Maserati showcases the Ghibli Hybrid
New paint scheme, subtle touches among the few elements that distinguish the Ghibli Hybrid from its conventional siblingsMaserati Ghibli Hybrid

Maserati showcases the Ghibli Hybrid

With the Ghibli Hybrid finally a reality, Maserati aims to add electrification across all the models in its range over the next 5 years

Maserati has unveiled the Ghibli Hybrid, the first model in the brand’s portfolio to receive electrification. The Ghibli Hybrid uses a 2-litre in-line-four turbo-petrol engine connected to a mild hybrid system comprising a BSG (Belt Starter Generator), battery and an e-booster (which is basically an electric supercharger).

The hybrid system works in conjunction with the IC engine, stepping in to provide an extra ‘push’ in cases of heavy acceleration and maintaining a sense of urgency to the throttle response throughout the rev range, while at the same time improving fuel efficiency.

All this means the new Ghibli Hybrid delivers a power output of 325bhp with a 0-100kmph time of 5.7 seconds and claimed top speed of 255kmph. Additionally, Maserati has made sure the changes to the powertrain do not alter the handling characteristics of the Ghibli, which the brand has achieved by balancing the weight of the engine up front with that of the battery at the rear. Lastly, the brand has maintained the unique sound signature of the car without using amplifiers, by tweaking the exhaust and using resonators tuned to the exact engine frequencies.

Redesigned grille resembles a tuning fork or, more closely, the Maserati trident
Redesigned grille resembles a tuning fork or, more closely, the Maserati trident Maserati Ghibli Hybrid

Electric at a glance

Nevertheless, there’s more to the Ghibli Hybrid than the updates under the skin. Viewed from the front, we see a restyled grille, with the bars resembling a Diapason (Italian for tuning fork), which also evokes the Trident symbol itself. Next is the creation of a new exterior colour, a lustrous shade of silver which, Rossella Guasco, manager, colour and material design says was created by overlaying the grey base paint shade with microscopic aluminium elements.

The exterior paint scheme thus created, the brand says, subtly shines and changes its intensity depending on the way the light falls on the car. There are significant changes at the rear of the Ghibli Hybrid as well, where the taillight cluster has been completely restyled, with a boomerang-like profile inspired by the brand’s 3200 GT and Alfieri concept car.

The other tell-tale signs which differentiate the Ghibli Hybrid from its non-electrified brethren are the touches of cobalt blue anodised colour framing the three side air ducts and brake calipers, and the thunderbolt (signifying electrification) in the oval that encloses the Maserati Trident emblem on the C-pillar.

On the inside

The cobalt blue colour extends to within the cabin as well, with the blue stitching on the seams as well as the Trident emblem on the seat headrests. The Ghibli Hybrid gets a redesigned fully digital instrument panel with revamped graphics.

Moving now to the infotainment suite, and the Ghibli Hybrid uses the Maserati’s Intelligent Assistant multimedia system (based on Android Automotive) accessed via a 10.1-inch frameless centrally-mounted screen which has an Amazon Alexa digital assistant built in. Occupants can connect to the in-car infotainment functions via the Maserati connect app on their smartphone or smartwatch.

Maserati has said the production for the Ghibli Hybrid for the European and Chinese markets is slated to start by September, with production for the rest of the world set to start soon after. The Ghibli Hybrid will be available in Granturismo and Grancabrio variants, and once on our shores, will go up against the BMW 7 Series, specifically the 745Le, the only other car in this space that sports a hybrid engine .

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