McLaren Automotive explains its tech via YouTube videos
McLaren Automotive explains its tech via YouTube videos McLaren

McLaren Automotive explains its tech via YouTube videos

In a series of short films created by Mclaren Automotive, the brand is looking to provide insight into the technologies that go into their supercars

McLaren Automotive has introduced a video series on its YouTube channel called McLaren Tech Club that showcases the brands pioneering technology when it comes to supercar development. It is a series of short films that include the cutting-edge technology that have reached the McLaren road cars as well as some track-only special edition cars. McLaren’s goal with this series is to educate its customers as well as inform all the McLaren fans about what it takes to develop these new technologies.

The McLaren Tech Club aims to showcase the technology from decades of McLaren's cars, and all the facts and figures that go into making components that go into McLaren's supercars and hypercars.

The first video was a detailed look into the recent McLaren Elva that has a unique Active Air Management system that allows the car not to have a windscreen but by using clever ducting and airflow management channels the air over and above the driver’s open cockpit. Here is the video that explains how this ‘bubble space’ for both passengers was created.

Coming to the second video that was released just a day back is all about the massive Rear wing on the McLaren Senna. Esteban Palazzo, Principal Designer at McLaren Automotive explains that the engineering team came to him with a particular number that they had to achieve with their deisgn for aerodynamic package. He also highlights the advantages of working with carbonfibre and how you can mould carbonfibre into unique shapes and and how mclaren is the best place to innovate with carbon fibre as they have been pioneers with this material.

This whole McLaren Tech Club series has been quite insightful to see how the supercar manufacturer operates.

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