Mercedes-AMG CLA35 revealed – a new entry-level AMG four-door ‘coupe’

Mercedes-AMG CLA35 revealed – a new entry-level AMG four-door ‘coupe’

Mercedes-AMG CLA35 has been revealed, combining the CLA’s sleek new body with the A35’s 302bhp turbocharged four-cylinder engine, which is sold internationally.

Under the bonnet of the Mercedes-AMG CLA35

The CLA is wide and low on the road, giving it a distinctive shape from its more upright siblings. Under the skin there’s the M260 1991cc turbocharged four-cylinder engine as found in other A-class models. Power is rated at 302bhp at 5800rpm, with a peak 400Nm of torque spread between 3000 and 4000rpm.

The turbo is a twin-scroll unit – reducing turbo lag and improving overall response – which sends its power to all four wheels via a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. Performance times are on a par with the CLA35’s closely related model range siblings, reaching 100kmph in 4.9sec via a launch control system, and topping out at 250kmph.

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Better torsional rigidity on the Mercedes-AMG CLA45 AMG

The transmission is the same unit as found elsewhere in the A-class range, but has new mapping and more aggressive shift patterns depending on the selected driver mode. To increase torsional rigidity, AMG has stiffened the front of the CLA’s structure with two diagonal struts fitted between the front suspension mounting points and nose clip. There is also a new shear panel bolted directly underneath the engine, adding yet more torsional stiffness from the underbody.

The all-wheel-drive system is also familiar, having featured in other A-class models, with power directed to the front wheels most of the time, being shunted back via an electro-mechanical clutch pack on the rear axle. This system is much like a Haldex clutch system seen within the VW group, but power here can only go as far as a 50:50 front:rear torque split. The brakes are made up from four-piston calipers on the front axle, gripping 350mm discs, with more traditional sliding calipers on 330mm discs on the rear. Three-way adaptive dampers are also standard fit, as is an active valved exhaust.

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CLA identical styling on the Mercedes-AMG CLA35

The styling is near-identical to that of standard CLA models with the AMG-line package fitted. Typical second-tier AMG styling elements are to be found here though, made up from the twin-bar front grille, round exhaust outlets and chunkier rear diffuser.

But the Mercedes-AMG CLA35 is merely a precursor to something far more enticing. The CLA45 AMG has already been seen slithering away on the Nürburgring during final development work thanks to a clever rear-biased all-wheel-drive system and over 400bhp. Now that’s more like it.

If Mercedes-Benz India decides to bring the AMG CLA35 to the local market, it would be the first entry level sports sedan in the 300bhp bracket. If you’re in for an entry-level Mercedes-AMG sedan, the CLA45 AMG is what you can get in India.

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