Mercedes-Benz introduces ‘Marketplace’, for buying and selling pre-owned Mercs

The luxury carmaker Mercedes-Benz aims to boost pre-owned car sales using this customer to customer platform
Mercedes-Benz launches innovative 'Marketplace' platform for boosting pre-owned Merc sales
Mercedes-Benz launches innovative 'Marketplace' platform for boosting pre-owned Merc salesMercedes-Benz

Luxury carmaker Mercedes-Benz India has launched a new customer to customer selling platform called Marketplace. This new platform will allow existing Mercedes-Benz owners to seek the best value for their cars when selling them, while also creating a greater inventory of certified cars for the buyers of a pre-owned Mercedes Benz. With Marketplace, Mercedes-Benz promises a hassle-free and completely transparent experience for the consumer by making use of both online as well as offline channels.

If you already own a Mercedes and are looking to upgrade to a newer model, the Marketplace platform helps to simplify the process of selling your car or trading it in. With the Marketplace platform, the seller of a Mercedes-Benz can choose to do so by either visiting a dealership or from the comfort of their own home. After choosing whether they want to sell their car or trade it in for a new Mercedes, it is the Mercedes-Benz dealership that carries out all the other processes such as evaluation of the car, generating buyer leads, arranging test drives and completion of transactions between the buyer and the seller. All this ensures that the customer gets the best possible value for their car. Marketplace also allows first-time buyers of a Mercedes-Benz to benefit from a larger inventory of pre-owned cars that are certified. It also facilitates the buyers to trade-in their existing cars when upgrading to a Mercedes-Benz.

With the Marketplace platform, Mercedes-Benz aims to make the process of selling a car as fuss-free and comfortable as driving in a Mercedes, ensuring complete transparency with a customer-centric approach catering to both new buyers and existing owners. With the first of its kind Marketplace platform that makes use of both online as well as offline channels, Mercedes-Benz is aiming towards scaling up their pre-owned car business in India.

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