Mercedes teases the long rumoured AMG GT Black Series

The AMG GT Black Series has been spied testing at the Nurburgring for almost a year now, but the small clip starring Shmee150 gives us our first official look at it, sans the camouflage
Mercedes teases the long rumoured AMG GT Black Series
Mercedes AMG GT Black Series

For a long time in the not so recent past, the boffins at Affalterbach weren’t really interested in making track weapons. Sure the AMG cars probably had more outright tyre shedding power back in the days of the SL 65 Black Series but they weren’t at the top of the time sheets on a track day. However, ever since the AMG GT, maybe even tracking back to the SLS AMG Black Series, Mercedes has changed. They brought out the AMG GT R, which was already a big step forward for them in terms of on-track performance. Then they took it up a notch with the GT R Pro, an even madder iteration of the GT R. Now though, comes the most capable of them all — the AMG GT Black Series.

What do we know?

Well, from the video we can tell that it’s going to be very, very, track focused. It gets an almost completely redesigned aero package, spearheaded by a (very) large double element wing, which should result in some mega downforce. Other changes include a larger grille at front, heavily inspired by the AMG GT3 and a redesigned front-end with a lot more aerodynamic trickery going on. The two-tone bonnet gets a central air intake and with a pair of big vents on either side. The louvres on the front wheel arches also seem to be longer, and more aggressive. At the rear, aside from that wing, are wider fenders, a totally reworked bumper, with quad-exhausts and a redesigned diffuser too. All these changes are designed to create what looks to be a very focussed track weapon, expect it not just to generate insane levels of downforce but also be a very well engineered machine in terms of cooling too.

What don’t we know?

Quite a bit. Mercedes-AMG is famous for making few tweaks on the surface, but a lot of changes underneath, the GT R Pro is a great example of that. You can almost certainly expect the Black Series to put out more power and torque than the GT R Pro’s 577bhp and 700Nm, possibly even with a new version of the 4-litre twin-turbo V8. Mercedes-AMG would probably also have made tweaks to the suspension and chassis to deliver an even more uncompromised on-track experience than with the GT R Pro. We do not know yet what the interior of the AMG GT Black Series will be like, or rather how stripped down it will be. Nor do we know if it will get a roll cage as standard, which is optional on the GTR Pro.

The Black Series cars have always been famous for being a bit loony!
The Black Series cars have always been famous for being a bit loony! SL 65 AMG Black Series

The AMG GT Black Series will surely be a cracker of a car, and we’ll probably have all the details very soon going by how clearly the car has been shown in the teaser video. It wouldn’t be too far fetched to assume that Mercedes will be gunning for a blistering Nurburgring lap time. Will it be able to beat the almost maniacal Porsche 911 GT2 RS MR’s time of 6:40.33? Only time will tell!

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