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Mille Miglia

1000 Miglia is a go!

By Team Evo India

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1000 Miglia is a go!

The Thousand Mile Race

The Mille Miglia was an open-road endurance race which took place in Italy twenty-four times from 1927 to 1957.  It was also a round of the World Sports Car Championship from 1953 to 1957. Since 1977, the “Mille Miglia” has been reborn as 1000 Miglia. It is a regular race of 1000 miles for classic and vintage cars where participation is limited to cars produced till 1957. Those of which had attended (or were registered) to the original race. This year it began on the 16th of May and will end on the 19th of May. Cars from 73 different manufacturers will drive through 7 regions. From Brescia to Rome and back as per tradition.

The Route

The route of 1000 Miglia is similar to that of the original race. On the first day the race starts from Brescia to Cervia-Milano Marittima. On the second day, the race goes on till Rome, followed by Parma on the third day. It finally heads to the finish at Brescia on the fourth day. This year, the cars which will be participating in the 1000 Miglia will count at 450 vintage cars that originate from 73 different manufacturers around the globe. The armed forces will also be featuring 10 cars belonging to the military category.

A historic race

Spectators from all over the world will witness and admire the Racing Sports cars that were produced between the 1920s and 1950s. This along with the private cars and cars from the manufacturers all till the end of the route. A 1000 long miles of Italian roads. 101 cars will be those which were already a participant in one of the editions of the original Mille Miglia between 1927 and 1957. In 1988, Enzo Ferrari while watching the passage of his last 1000 Miglia, defined the cars that stopped to pay homage to him as “a travelling museum unique in the world”. That is the aura of the 1000 Miglia.

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