Mitsubishi launches 3rd-Gen Outlander for Indian market

Mitsubishi launches 3rd-Gen Outlander for Indian market

The History

Mitsubishi has just launched the third generation model of the Outlander, a car which was an undeniable failure in the Indian market the first time around. The original was released in 2011, but sales were far below ideal, to the point that in December 2012, they sold one unit. Unsurprisingly, Mitsubishi immediately withdrew the vehicle from outlets across the country and issued a statement discontinuing it. The version currently being released in India, was released internationally in 2015, marketed as the face-lift edition, and brought in as a CBU.

Some reports even suggest that Mitsubishi may release their electric-petrol hybrid, the Outlander PHEV for the Indian market, by next year

The Car

It has been priced at Rs. 31.54 lakh, which places it in direct competition with few other SUV’s, most notably, the , 7-seater Skoda Kodiaq (price point – Rs. 34.84 lakhs). Another upcoming SUV, the Honda CR-V is expected to pose a threat, along with other, more common cars, like the Fortuner by Toyota.

It is a 7-seater SUV which allows the second and third rows of seating to fold down to accommodate any extra luggage or cargo. The headlights and wipers are all auto-activated by sensors in the car. The car has six airbags, a hill-start assist feature, and active stability control, all of which contribute to improve safety. It also has an electric sunroof, which retracts at the push of a button. Some of the other features include a built in infotainment screen connected to a Rockford sound system, 12V and USB charging sockets, and two zone climate control, all within the ergonomically designed cabin.

A major drawback. is the lack of A/C vents in the second and third seating rows, essentially meaning that only the driver and passenger receive air-conditioning, as well as no Bluetooth connectivity, so you’ll need an aux cord to play music. The third row of seating has minimal leg space and is ideally for children or luggage. The exterior is aerodynamically designed with all LED lights, including headlamps, fog lights, and taillamps, and is available in seven different colours.

The Specs

The newer Outlander uses the same 2.4 litre single petrol engine as the previous version, which is a much more strategic move now than it was then, as diesel is higher taxed than petrol, and petrol conforms better to emission laws. The engine has, however been modified to produce 222Nm of torque at 4,100 rpm.  The engine is hooked up to a 6-step CVT-automatic, which powers all 4 wheels permanently. The all-time 4 wheel drive system comes with 3 modes: 4WD ECO, 4WD AUTO, and 4WD LOCK, as well as a 4×4 low gear for rougher terrain. It is better suited to city life and day-to-day driving, rather than off-road touring. 

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