MV Agusta Rush 1000 goes into production and will feature F1 and MotoGP inspired technology.
MV Agusta Rush 1000 goes into production and will feature F1 and MotoGP inspired technology.MV Agusta Rush 1000

MV Agusta Rush 1000 to go into production

MV Agusta is lining up another mental hypernaked after the Brutale 1000 and its limited to just 300 units worldwide

MV Agusta had showcased the bonkers cousin of Brutale 1000 at 2019 EICMA and the Italian bike maker has decided to go ahead and put the Rush 1000 into production, starting June 2020. With production being limited to just 300 units globally, the Rush 1000 is expected to be sold out sooner than you can imagine. Motoroyale - MV Agusta's Indian partner is no longer in operation so don't expect to see any of the examples coming to India.

The Rush 1000 features F1 and MotoGP-inspired technology, claims MV Agusta. The con-rods are made of titanium, which reduce engine load and inertia. With the same 998cc, inline four motor that powers the Brutale 1000, you get 205bhp at the wheels which can be further stretched to 208bhp with the Rush Racing kit that offers a free flowing exhaust. The torque is rated at 116.Nm which catapults the Rush 1000 to 100kmph in less than 3 seconds while the top speed is in excess of 300kmph.

The titanium con-rods reduces engine load and inertia.
The titanium con-rods reduces engine load and inertia.MV Agusta Rush 1000

The Rush 1000 also gets launch control along with MV Agusta's latest electronic package which includes 8-level traction control, wheelie control, engine torque control and of-course - cornering ABS as well. The Racing kit also gets you a dedicated ECU along with carbonfibre rear seat cowl.

In terms of the chassis, the Rush 1000 comes with Ohlins USDs that are electronically adjustable. The monoshock is sourced from Ohlins as well and is fully adjustable. Anchors include double discs at the front with top-of-the-line Brembo Stylema calipers while at the rear, you get a single 220mm disc with two-piston Brembo caliper.

The Rush 1000 will not be sold in India but if you want to collect one, you could surely import it for yourself. Prices you ask? Be ready to shell out at least Rs 50 lakh.

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