Nissan showcases its IMx zero-emission concept at 2017 Tokyo Motor Show

Nissan showcases its IMx zero-emission concept at 2017 Tokyo Motor Show

With most global manufacturers taking the plunge into electric mobility, Nissan is not falling far behind. After announcing its entry into the world of Formula E, the Japanese car maker has showcased its latest zero-emission crossover concept – the IMx. With a whole lot of features like the Nissan intelligent driving, intelligent power and intelligent integration, Nissan is leaving no stone unturned to make its mark in the brave new world of e-mobility, with claims of a usable range of over 600km!

The exterior and interior designs are heavily influenced by strong Japanese cultures, while the styling shows Nissan’s signature design features. The ProPilot autonomous mode conceals the steering wheel inside the dashboard, reclines all the seats, allowing the occupants to relax. It restores the steering wheels back in manual mode, transferring all the controls back to the driver. The car is built on the new EV platform, which allows the floor to be completely flat, resulting in more space. The low center of gravity enhances driving dynamics.

The power output is a staggering 429bhp and 700Nm torque, from two high output motors in front and rear, making it an all-wheel drive vehicle. The Nissan intelligent integration uses the connected car technology, allowing the vehicle to park itself on a spot close to a power grid where it can return electricity to the grid after dropping its owner to the desired location. This is an extension of its vehicle-to-home and vehicle-to-building features. The AI enables the driver to control the instrument panel with eye movement and hand gestures, resulting in an intuitive interface with fewer buttons and switches.

Things are looking positive (electrical pun intended) for Nissan and we expect them to roll out these prototype concepts soon enough.

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