Polarity Smart Bikes unveils 6 prototypes of their unique Personal Mobility Vehicle

Polarity Smart Bikes unveils 6 prototypes of their unique Personal Mobility Vehicle

With over 36 variants planned for the launch, Polarity Smart Bikes has a different take on electric mobility  

Pune-based Polarity Smart Bikes have officially unveiled six prototypes of the ingenious pedal-assisted electric vehicles. The bikes are available in two trim lines — the ‘S’ Sport series and ‘E’ Executive series, with prices starting from Rs 38,000, going up to Rs 1.1 lakh (both ex-showroom). The pre-bookings are already underway on Polarity Smart Bikes’ website for a refundable amount of Rs 1,001.

The Polarity Smart Bikes’ Sport range comes in three variants—S1K, S2K and S3K with a 1kW, 2kW and 3kW BLDC hub motor in the rear wheel. The S1K can achieve a top speed of 45kmph while the S2K can reach 80kmph and the range-topping S3K can touch the 100kmph mark. The Executive line models, E1K, E2K, and E3K boasts of a top speed of 40kmph, 60kmph and 80kmph respectively. The E1K gets a 1kW motor, while the E2K gets a 1.5KkW motor and the E3K packs a 2.5kW motor.

The smart bikes have Li-ion batteries, however, every bike has a different battery capacity. The brand will offer 5A chargers as standard, while customers can opt for a 10A fast charger that can charge the bike in 2 hours. Another innovative accessory on offer is a lightweight solar panel that can fit into your backpack so that one can charge the bikes on-the-go. The solar panel’s charging rate is 25 per cent of the standard 5A charger.

Each of these six bikes has a unique frame. The Executive variants get a luggage rack to aid practicality; the Sport variants ditch it for a floating mudguard. While all the bikes get a colour display, the top variants get a different, high-spec display unit. Other hardware on these smart bikes includes adjustable USD forks and a monoshock along with disc brakes on both ends. All these bikes weigh under 55kg, however, the details will be available once the brand launches the products with well over 36 variants.

The Polarity Smart Bikes get Bluetooth connectivity and GPS tracking as a standard feature on the S3K and E3K, while the remaining models get it as an optional accessory. The top-of-the-line variants also get 5 level speed modes. Polarity will also launch their own application after commencing delivery that will relay information like vehicle diagnostics, service logs and details and location tracking.

In an initiative to encourage customers to adapt to a healthier lifestyle, Polarity will be crediting ‘carbon points’ to each user for the distance one pedals the bike. However, being heavier than a conventional cycle, the bikes get only assisted pedalling with 1-speed level. The bikes are compatible with other fitness applications as well.

The Indian market has witnessed a growth of 130 per cent in EV sales. Polarity Smart Bikes boast performance figures similar to many e-scooters on sale currently with a fraction of the weight, with a unique touch of style and practicality, making these smart bikes an interesting proposition for the country. The deliveries will commence in the first quarter of 2020.

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