Porsche boosts e-mobility with its first 800V fast charging park in Berlin

Porsche boosts e-mobility with its first 800V fast charging park in Berlin

Porsche has equipped two of its charging stations in Berlin with their new 800-volt fast charging technology. This is a part of Porsche’s pilot project for testing new technologies that will expand its presence in the fast-growing e-mobility business.

Currently, the fast charging stations across the globe operate at around 400-volts and the charging time taken for a 400km range varies from 40 to 80 minutes. The German sports car manufacturer claims that the new 800-volt charging system will reduce the charging time to less than 20 minutes for the same range and will save their customers’ time while offering an environment-friendly mobility solution. The Porsche Taycan, which will be launched in 2019, will be the company’s first series-production vehicle to be compatible with the new 800-volt fast charging technology.

On the company’s new developments towards green solutions, Karsten Sohns, MD of Porsche says, “In this rapidly evolving world of mobility, we are consistently preparing ourselves for the launch of the first fully electric Porsche model, the Taycan. Having an appropriate charging infrastructure at our Porsche sites and beyond is an essential component of our strategy”.

Even though electric-hybrid cars from Toyota, Honda, Lexus and BMW are available in our country, they are very pricey. So the only options for you to go green remain Mahindra’s e2oPlus and e-Verito. As the world pushes for sustainable energy solutions in the automotive market, India clearly has a long way to go before it catches up.

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