Rimac C Two goes all blue at Pebble Beach

Rimac C Two goes all blue at Pebble Beach

For the past week or so, the internet went viral with Pebble Beach car stories. The most iconic machines from the automotive world made some flashy appearances in California’s largest car party. And Rimac too was in line to be the show stopper at the Concours d’Elegance. Not that the C Two did not surprise us with its astronomical power figures, but now with the new ‘California edition’, it combines the techno-wizardry with a chic style statement. And it arrived at Pebble Beach with a blue paint job, a new set of wheels and a boot filled with booze and flutes. Rimac says that the car is ‘tailored to comfortably fit two six-litre champagne bottles and crystal flutes’. Though drunk driving is illegal in the world, making a style statement clearly isn’t.

The C Two was one of the most intriguing showcases of the year when it was first premiered at the Geneva International Motor Show in March this year. Since then its popularity has tremendously increased. And why wouldn’t it? The Croatian company claims that it will produce 1914 hp (1887bhp) and 2300Nm of torque from 4 electric motors, one on each wheel. That’s a few hundred horses more than the power output of the Bugatti Chiron (1479bhp) and the Koenigsegg Agera RS (1160bhp). All that oomph translates into a 0-100kmph time of just 1.97 seconds while it can cross the quarter-mile mark in just 9.1seconds. Furthermore, Rimac says that the C Two will go on to achieve a top speed of 412kmph. It’s even said to have a 120kw battery pack that will provide a range of around 650km. And if all this isn’t mind-blowing enough, the C Two is equipped with level-four autonomous driving tech and unlocks using face recognition. Need we say more?

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