Royal Enfield announces an all-new range of riding jackets

The new range of CE certified jackets would be available Royal Enfield’s online and offline stores
Royal Enfield introduces CE certified range of riding jackets
Royal Enfield introduces CE certified range of riding jackets Royal Enfield Himalayan

Royal Enfield today launched a new range of CE certified riding jackets in India. The riding jackets are designed and crafted for riders for all weather conditions and terrains. The riding jackets are available at all online and offline stores of Royal Enfield and at Central and Shopper’s Stop stores. Also, you can buy them on Amazon and the range of the riding jackets starts from Rs 4,950 that goes up to Rs 14,950.

As mentioned these range of jackets are CE certified that means they not only deliver Class A protection but also standby the PPE regulations and ensure to keep the rider safe. Besides, the CE certification these jackets come equipped with D30 and KNOX amours that ensure level one and level two armour certifications that have been tested for abrasion resistance, impact protection, ergonomics, tear strength, seam strength, innocuousness and dimension stability.

Royal Enfield riding jackets

The riding jackets have been categorised based on different riding conditions and as per the riding needs of the rider. The categories for the jackets are based on city/short rides, highway touring and high altitude/all-terrain range and a rider can compare the jackets depending on the basis of the weather conditions, riding needs or protection levels they want to choose from.

Speaking about the newly launched riding jacket range, Puneet Sood, head of apparel business, Royal Enfield said, "Royal Enfield’s apparel & gear business is focused on enhancing the overall motorcycling experience for the riders with a clear focus on rider safety. The newly launched collection of riding jackets seamlessly integrates performance and endurance into products which are comfortable yet stylish for motorcyclists. This new range of CE certified riding jackets complies with global safety norms is affordable, easily accessible and is designed to meet the diverse needs of riders. It is poised to enhance confidence amongst the riders thereby encouraging them to take their spirit of exploration to a whole new level.”

Royal Enfield has always kept the safety of its riders on the forefront. With assurance to meet all the safety norms at an affordable price of as low as Rs 4,950, the manufacturer ensures that these jackets will be a must to have for riders for their safety at an affordable price.

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