Royal Enfield launches Make it Yours customisation initiative

The Make it Yours platform and a 3D configurator will be integrated into the Royal Enfield app, and will be applicable to the Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650 for now
You can now make the Interceptor 650 a personal affair
You can now make the Interceptor 650 a personal affair Shot for evo India

For decades, Royal Enfield bikes have been a canvas for custom builds by individuals and motorcycle builders, thanks to its simple design and easy-to-work-with components. Since many enthusiasts have customised their motorcycles to create a unique identity, RE is now going a step further by making a customisation option and 3D configurator available at the time of booking from the Royal Enfield app. You can fiddle around with colour schemes, trims and graphics to your taste and liking, while also having the option to add genuine accessories through the Make it Yours (MiY) platform.

As for now, this personalisation option will be available only for the 650 Twins – The Interceptor 650 and the Continental GT 650. To add to this, all accessories added to the motorcycle will come with a two-year warranty. However, the company has revealed plans to make MiY a possibility for all new launches hereinafter.

The 650 Twins will be the first bikes from Royal Enfield which you can customise
The 650 Twins will be the first bikes from Royal Enfield which you can customiseShot for evo India

Speaking about the launch of MiY and the 3-D Configurator, Vinod K. Dasari, CEO, Royal Enfield, said, “Motorcycles are as unique as the individuals riding them and avid motorcyclists consider their machines to be an extension of their personality. Royal Enfield understands this journey of self-expression and has developed a seamless digital solution to enable this expression. With MiY, customers will have a ‘little bit of them’ built into the motorcycle and depending on the level of personalisation, motorcycles will be custom-made as per consumer specifications, within 24 to 48 hours, at our manufacturing plant in Chennai. We will be rolling out MiY for all our motorcycles, across all our stores in the country in a phased manner. All new motorcycle models from Royal Enfield, from here on, will come with the MiY feature”

The MiY platform, along with the 3D configurator will soon be rolled out on the Royal Enfield app, which is available on both iOS and Android smartphones. Apart from MiY, customers can also opt for extended warranty and annual maintenance packages on the app.

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